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The gorgeous Pandora Peach Blossom Collection is now available in the UK!

Pandora Peach Blossom Collection

A fresh Spring breeze has carried the wonderful Pandora Peach Blossom Collection to the UK!

Last year Pandora fans across the world fell in love with the stunning Pandora Peach Blossom Collection. Released April 2019, the collection was originally exclusive to China. However as Pandora learnt of the worldwide appeal of the Peach Blossom Collection they began making it available in other countries. The USA and Canada received this feminine range of jewellery late 2019 and now finally it has been made available in the UK!

Only six of the key pieces of the Peach Blossom Collection have been released in the UK. But as they are my favourites from the range I am still I happy bunny and I believe other collectors will be too!

pandora peach blossom
PANDORA Rose Peach Blossom Flower Sliding Bracelet (588093NCCMX)

Pandora Moments Pink Peach Blossom Flower
Snake Chain Slider Bracelet

The Pandora Rose Sliding Bracelet is back with a twist! Notice the rose pink crystal on the sliding clasp and intricate buds featuring handprinted enamel and synthetic sapphire stones.

PANDORA Rose Sparkling Peach Blossom Flower Charm (788079CZ)

Pandora Pink Peach Blossom
Sparkling Flower Charm

At this centre of the flower shaped Pandora Rose charm a Peach Blossom unfurls its petals. Vivid cerise enamel fades into a soft pink centre and is surrounded with clear cubic zirconia stones. Notice too the tiny little cut out flowers decorating the side of the charm.

PANDORA Rose Peach Blossom Flower Clip 

Pandora Pink Peach Blossom
Flower Clip Charm

Brightly coloured peach blossoms burst over the extremities of this beautiful Pandora Rose Clip. Clear cubic zirconia stones intersperse with the pink enamel blooms and resemble drops of dew. With a silicone centre this clip is ideal for the new Pandora Rose Peach Blossom Sliding Bracelet.

PANDORA Rose Peach Blossom Flower Spacer 

Pandora Pink Peach Blossom
Flower Spacer Charm

My favourite piece from the PANDORA Peach Blossom Collection is the stunning PANDORA Rose Spacer with a incredible pattern of peach blossoms in pink, red and brown on a white enamel.

PANDORA Rose Peach Blossom Flower Branch Ring (188088NCCMX)

Pandora Pink Peach Blossom
Flower Branch Open Ring

Pink buds and blossoms branch from a smooth PANDORA Rose ring. Misty pink crystals are set along side clear stones and cerise pink enamel.

PANDORA Pavé Peach Blossom Flower Charm (798112NCCMX)

Pandora Pink Peach Blossom
Pavé Flower Dangle Charm

A peach blossom tree hangs in front of a shimmering flower filled with cerise pink crystals and synthetic sapphires. The bale is set with stones which graduate from dark pink to misty pink. On the reverse of the charm is is sweet message ‘Love in Full Bloom’.

PANDORA Peach Blossom Collection

I love my Pandora Peach Blossom Spacers and am now planning on purchasing the matching Clips! Will you buy anything from the Pandora Peach Blossom Collection now that it is available in the US, Canada and the UK? Share your thoughts in the comments below…

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