pandora presentation tray

Need more storage or display options for your PANDORA jewellery? Look at these beautiful Presentation Boxes!


As your PANDORA collections grows it can be hard to find suitable storage options. These pretty official PANDORA Presentation Boxes provide an interesting solution.



This PANDORA fabric lined storage tray is perfect for displaying and storing your PANDORA jewellery and will be the perfect addition to any dressing table.

£19.99 from

This storage tray features:

  • PANDORA branding
  • Raised necklace display square
  • 3 storage squares for bracelet or bangles
  • 18 storage compartments perfect for storing Pandora charms
  • Ring storage slots for 11 rings
  • 5 removable earring storage squares

This tray measures approximately 26cm x 40.5cm x 4cm



£14.99 from

This storage tray features:

  • Pandora branding
  • Raised necklace display square
  • Ring storage slots for 11 rings
  • 5 removable earring storage squares

This tray measures approximately 26cm x 21.5cm x 4cm


£9.99 from

This storage tray features:

  • Pandora branding
  •  30 square storage compartments perfect for storing Pandora charms or rings
  • Removable fabric cushions

This tray measures approximately 26cm x 20.5cm x 4cm




If you live outside the UK but want to purchase the PANDORA Presentation Tray, please read our article about Global PANDORA Shopping to find out have them delivered to your address via a mail forwarding company.


  • Emily
    July 15, 2017

    Hello Dora,

    These are lovely presentation boxes. I think, of the two styles you’ve shown us, I would prefer the double tiered black one simply for the glass top. I’ve never quite understood why something like this isn’t sold in shops. It’s something every Pandora collector needs. IMHO, they would fly off the shelves…especially around Christmas. Hopefully, these will be sold in the US some day.

    The continuation of your summer charms previews are fabulous. Gorgeous beach themed reviews, even tho’ you had to endure strange looks. lol. It was well worth the effort.

    I had planned to pick up the open end bangle during the current US promo, but my store has only received a total of two bangles to date…one small and one medium with the smooth ends caps. I’m happy to see interchangeable caps being released with the Autumn Collection. Now, I’m wondering if Pandora is waiting for the Autumn drop to send the bangles. Do you have one yet? If so, did you get your normal bangle size?

    Thanks, Dora, for the lovely previews and reviews as of late. I’ve enjoyed each one and appreciate the dedication and hard work it takes to keep us informed.

    • Emily
      July 15, 2017

      Hope your weekend is great!

      • Emily
        July 16, 2017

        Hello Again, Dora. I can stop complaining about the Open End bangles. My store finally received a shipment! Funny thing is…I’ve been waiting and waiting for the paved’ end caps, but bought the smooth in the end. The paved stones are so tiny the sparkle wasn’t there. I think I’ll like the Shimmer ones coming with the Autumn release better than the all pave’. I did get the small size and it fits nicely. I did the promo twice and got two pair of earrings. My first ever Pandora earrings. I’m happy now. lol. I did get to see the free tote with $125 spend, as well as, the Pre-Autumn collection. In fact, the store allowed me to get the black/pave’ clutch today as part of my spend for the promo. I came close to getting the Tropical Sunset because it’s perfect for the outfit I was wearing today. I wanted it for the open bangle, but never could come up with anything for each side. Any suggestions?

        Hope you’re having a good weekend.

        • July 16, 2017

          Hi Emily,
          You are right the presentation boxes are lovely! I don’t think they will be available in the US though as they are older items which I believe were used instore but they make excellent storage for collectors.
          I haven’t bought an Open Bangle yet but I do agree with you that the Shimmer version is really pretty. I preferred the plain end caps to the pave too.
          Which earrings did you get in the promotion? I really love the White Orchid and Starfish studs. I have the Bow and Dragonfly stud earrings and really like them. My PANDORA ring and earring collections are growing very slowly as I focus on the charms!
          It is nice the store allowed you to have the clutch! Its so cute! How will you style it?
          I really like the Tropical Sunset charm paired with the Ocean Life with the Sparkling Palm Tree in the middle. It would work well with the Purple Geometric Facets or Fuchsia Muranos like the Wild Hearts too. It is cute enough to wear alone too! My favourite way to wear mine is on the Honeysuckle Pink Leather with the Sentimental Snapshots camera and the Sparkling Palm Tree in the middle 🙂 Let me know if you get it how you end up styling it! If you take some photos I can add them into the Inspiration section (I really need to update it ?)
          Thanks for your comments and enjoy the rest of your weekend,
          Dora ?

  • Emily
    July 18, 2017

    Hi Dora,

    I wore my new Open End bangle yesterday for the first time and I love it! The oval shape makes for a very comfortable wear. There’s no rolling about the wrist allowing you to showcase that special murano or that particular charm you bought simply because you were blown away by the intricate details that only Pandora can capture. The fact that it looks great worn without charms with the end caps on top is an added bonus. You must put this one on your list!

    The free earrings I got during the promo were the Luminous Elegance with the white pearl and the Classic Elegance. I have the Luminous Pearl dangle charm and the Classic Elegance Pendant that match. I did have to pay $15 upgrade for the CE pair, but felt it was worth it. I like a good many Pandora earrings, but like you, I am more focused on the charms. Plus, I wear my hair long and my earrings rarely show. The orchids and bows were nice choices for you! I like them both.

    Thank you for the suggestions to go with the Tropical Sunset charm. It’s one I had not thought about getting until I saw your review. I’ve gone back and taken another look at your designs with the Tropical Sunset, as I remembered seeing the Ocean Life and Sparkling Palm Tree on a bangle with the TS charm. I forgot to mention (but should have) the only colors in the outfit are black, white, hot pink and touches of orange. I have two Fascinating Black muranos I’ve thought about using, since the cut out waves appear black. I also have the black Sentimental Snapshots which I absolutely love for the amazing little details. I’m such a nitpick when it comes to matching charm colors to my outfits.

    I hope your week got off to a good start! As always, looking forward to your nextpost.