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Congrats to Lina on her new addition to her family! Read her review of this lovely Valentine’s charm below.

With the transition into February, I always feel excited as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and I always find something in the Pandora Valentine’s Day release that catches my eye. This year’s season of love is no exception. 

I was drawn to several charms in the release and today will be reviewing and styling the Red Heart & Arrow Murano Glass Dangle Charm. 

In true Pandora style, the details on this charm are divine. Everything from the smooth and see-through red Murano glass that showcases the sterling silver Cupid’s arrow with the word ‘love’ written in what looks like handwritten cursive; to the sparkling bail with the cz crystals. This charm is a splash of colour and sparkle that will fit many Valentine’s Day bracelet designs. 

The way the word love is positioned makes it seem like it is floating at the bottom of the charm. And the heart shape detail for the ‘o’ is very sweet. We have had a few similar renditions of this type of charm in Valentine’s Day releases of the past – for example the love potion dangle and the Disney Mickey & Minnie Mouse Kiss Red Murano Glass Dangle Charm. 

Let’s explore some styling options. You will see that I’ve added a few other new 2024 charms to my designs. I am particularly intrigued by the Colour-changing Hidden Message Heart Charm which turns from red to pink in the palm of your hand. The message reads ‘I ‘heart’ u’ and ‘always’ on each side. I love the rich red and vibrant pink of this charm. I have also added the Openable & Engravable Love Locket Dangle Charm which I am excited to engrave with the initials of loved ones. On the gold and pink themed bracelet I have added the Love Letter Envelope Dangle Charm as I love the pink crystal in the centre of the envelope and how it fits with the other pink charms on this design. 

Style 1 – Muranos and hearts design

This is my main Valentines Bracelet design for 2024. It features the new pink Muranos and the colour changing heart along with some hearts from previous collections. My favourite aspect of this design is how the Red Heart & Arrow Murano Glass Dangle Charm fits in with the reds and pinks of the other cabochon, murano glass, and enamel detail charms. I have dispersed the dangles – including the locket and love potion, the type write and mixed tape – across the bracelet to balance the design. 

Style 2 – Valentine’s Day & Disney.

With the colour combos of black, silver and red I love this design for Valentine’s bracelets. I also love to add a touch a Disney anywhere possible in my designs and have many of the previous year’s Disney charms to use on bracelets. The New Murano dangle pairs well with the previous Disney Murano dangle too, adding some nice symmetry. 

Style 3 – Gold and Pink Valentines design. 

This is a design I have been planning since I purchased the rose gold-plated letters that spell love on sale last year. I have also added the Love Letter Envelope Dangle as it fits nicely with these letters, and I like the pun it creates with the different types of love letters! The Red Heart and Arrow dangle features in the centre between the two new pink Muranos. heir smaller size complements the design well. I have also added e wedding bells dangle and the love potion dangle to this design as they represent special occasions and gifts in my life. I have styled this on a rose gold Pandora moments bangle and have included some rose gold and cz crystal spacers which I wore on my wedding day, so this has extra special significance to me when it comes to documenting love through a bracelet design.

Let me know what your favourite Valentine’s Day charms this year are or if you have some old favourites! Enjoy the season of love everyone. 

Lina xoxo


Red Heart & Arrow Murano Glass Dangle Charm


From Pandora: A charm for all the lovestruck hearts out there! The Red Heart & Arrow Murano Glass Dangle Charm features a red heart crafted from Murano glass, struck by a sterling silver Cupid’s arrow. The arrow spells out the word “love” through the glass, with the “o” forming a heart shape for a playful touch. A row of clear cubic zirconia pavé adds sparkle to the bail. Gift it as a fun and sweet gesture of love for the one who has your heart.

Our Viewpoint: Cupid’s bow has captured the heart in this beautifully designed charm. Say everything you want to say with this adorable dangle. This image displays the back of the charm, what you will see from the front, is the word Love pierced by Cupid’s arrow in the bubble of the pink glass heart. You can see this in the styling shots at the end of the blog post. This is similar to the love potion charm from previous collections.

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