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PANDORA Rockettes 2018 Holiday Ornament

PANDORA Rockettes 2018 Holiday Ornament

Have a peek at this years 2018 spectacular Rockettes themed PANDORA!



PANDORA & The Radio City Rockettes

Once again PANDORA are proud sponsors of The Radio City Rockettes and to celebrate they have created a new holiday charm gift set!


Last year in 2017 PANDORA fans were excited to see a new style ornament charm and gift set produced for the collaboration of PANDORA and The Radio City Rockettes. Both the 2017 PANDORA Holiday Ornament Charm and Rockettes Gift Set featured a bright red enamel and sparkling stones. Read our review of the PANDORA Holiday Shine Bright Radio City Rockettes Gift Set for more information.


PANDORA Rockettes 2018 Holiday Ornament Gift Set




PANDORA Rockettes 2018 Holiday Ornament Gift Set

This Winter PANDORA have produced a second ornament charm which similar in style to the 2017 Shine Bright charm. Both charms have the years date engraved on one side and a shining silver bow on the top. Instead of a festive red enamel, the 2018 Holiday Ornament Charm features a shimmering pearlescent enamel. Decorative lines of clear cubic zirconia stones adorn the design and a tiny moon and star hang from the bow.


PANDORA Rockettes 2018 Holiday Ornament Gift Set



PANDORA Rockettes 2018 Holiday Ornament Gift Set


As last year, the PANDORA 2018 Holiday Ornament Charm will be available for purchase globally, for €69 euros. The special Holiday Ornament Gift Set will only be available within the US at a pop-up PANDORA store at Radio City Music Hall, select stores in NYC and online.



If you would like to book tickets for The Radio City Rockettes visit www.rockettes.com




Will the PANDORA 2018 Holiday Ornament be making it to your wish list? Share your views with us in the comments below…


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Casanova Martha
Casanova Martha

Pandora special items should be available at all Pandora stores around the globe at the same moment. We are all equal as fans as client and Pandora lovers!!!


Hi Casanova,
If I could make that happen I would! It is a shame that we can’t all enjoy the same promotions as some countries have excellent offers whereas others don’t have any at all. If there is any PANDORA offer that you would like to take part in, send me an email and I can try and find someone in the relevant country to help you.
Thanks for sharing your views and have a wonderful weekend,
Dora 💕


Do you know when it will be released ?


Hi Virginie,
I haven’t got a release date yet, sorry. Once I receive more information I will update this post.
Thanks for reading and have a lovely weekend,
Dora 💝


Oh, that is a must for me…will be a bit tricky as I am in Australia, but where there is a will, there is a way…gorgeous charm too. Wish we could see the ornament closed though..😉
Thank you for sharing…


Hi Sheila,
It is a pretty ornament and if it is like last years Rockettes Holiday Ornament it will be well made. The outside of the ornament should be the same design as the charm, although I haven’t seen a picture yet. Once I receive more information and images I will update this post smile
Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend,
Dora 💞