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Today’s the day! The PANDORA sales have started!


This post is to remind and help you keep track with the different PANDORA sales and promotions.



From Thursday 15th June 2017 until Sunday 25th June 2017 receive 30% discount when you purchase one item, 40% discount when you purchase two items and 50% discount when you purchase three items.

The PANDORA US Summer Sale will be instore and online at our preferred PANDORA retailer Enter the code ‘theartofpandora‘ at checkout on to receive a FREE PANDORA Polishing Cloth!


There are some fantastic items in the PANDORA Sale on Much of the sale is similar to the UK sale but there are a lot more items and even a few Disney charms! My dream clips, the retired 14k Gold Floral Lucerne Clips are in the sale too – such a temptation! I was really tempted by the Geometric Facets in Royal Blue, Royal Purple and Ruby. I think they would look amazing together!




The PANDORA UK sale is live on the PANDORA UK eStore, TheJewelHut and Hugh Rice!

The PANDORA UK eStore has the largest selection of all of the UK retailers but here is a small summary…

TheJewelHut a has quite a large sale and a few different items but the savings are not as good as the PANDORA UK eStore. There are also some great items in the sale on Beadazzle including one of my favourites the Lavender Daisy Meadow. The sale on Hugh Rice is quite small but the prices are good and there are a few different items including the Oxidised Moments Bracelet for just £25.


There is a nice mix in the sale on Argento with older items like the He Loves Me Charm and PANDORA watch items. They also have the PANDORA Essence Star Sign beads for just £5 each! Plus the pretty Green Double Leather Bracelet from the PANDORA 2015 Summer Collection, which many readers have been asking about. GiftandWrap has a good mix in the sale including lots of the Droplet Rings and Charms, although some colours only have a small discount.


Whilst JohnGreedJewellery has quite a lot of rings in the sale, as well as the Pink, Grey and Lavender Double Leather Bracelets. SwagUK has quite a nice selection as well as some PANDORA Rose items. House Of Fraser has quite a little PANDORA sale but does have a few interesting items included in the sale, like the Radiant Droplet Charms and the Magnolia Blooms stud earrings.


Pandora Jewellery UK




The PANDORA Germany eStore sale is now live!

There is a large selection in this sale with a lot of recent charms from last years collections. There are also lots of Christmas themed charms including a few from the 2016 Winter Collection. The Fascinating Olive Crystal Murano is in the sale too! It is one of my favourites and it very, very hard to get now, so I recommend buying one!



The PANDORA sale is live on the PANDORA Netherland eStore!

There are lots of goodies in the sale with prices from as little as €5, like the Moments Macramé Bracelet! If you missed out on the gorgeous Fascinating Olive Crystal Murano make sure to grab it in this sale for €29! Surprisingly there are also quite a lot of the recent animal beads and Spring 2016 beads.



The PANDORA sale is live on the PANDORA Denmark eStore!

This sale has quite a lot of earrings and also the pretty and popular Twinkling Forever Bangle.



The PANDORA sale is live on the PANDORA Poland eStore!

This sale is quite similar to the sale in Germany but also has quite a lot of PANDORA Essence beads and a few PANDORA Rose items.



The PANDORA sale is live on the PANDORA Sweden eStore!

This sale is very similar to the sale in Germany but is quite small. However, you still may be able to find an item that is out of stock elsewhere.








PANDORA Stack and Save Promotion: In Australia you can buy 1 PANDORA Enamel Bangle for $49, buy 2 for $69 or buy 3 for $99! In New Zealand you can buy 1 PANDORA Enamel Bangle for $59, buy 2 for $79 or buy 3 for $119!

The PANDORA Summer Sale in Australia will start a little later than the others, on Friday 23rd June 2017.




50% off a PANDORA Bracelet with a €89 spend. Offer valid from June 8th to June 25th, 2017 on PANDORA France eStore.

PANDORA offers you 50% off your bracelet with a retail price of €55 or €59 or 30% off bracelets with a retail price of more than €59.


You can still shop a PANDORA sale or promotion even if you live in a different country!

Read about how to use mail forwarding companies like Shop & Ship and Borderlinx which provide you with shipping addresses around the world and then forward your online shopping onto you at your actual address. More information is in this article on Global PANDORA Shopping.



After looking through all the sales I bought the Majestic Swan, Gondola Pendant, Safari, Rosy Facets, Flower Ring, Espresso Can Pendant, Vintage Butterfly Pendant and Red Scooter Pendant from the PANDORA UK eStore. Plus two Pink Butterfly Kisses Murano Charms, PANDORA Rose Sparkle of Love and PANDORA Rose Darling Daisy Meadow from


I bought two Blue Butterfly Kisses in last years sale and am happy to be able to mix them with the pink ones now. I was really happy to add two PANDORA Rose charms to my small Rose collection too! Despite being quite a large haul, there was so much more I wanted to buy! What have you bought in the sale? Let us know in the comments below!



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