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Many have downloaded the book, and that’s great, but what about the ‘Pay it Forward’ element? How is that going?

Can I just download the book and read it?

Sure, maybe you have a kindle account and it comes with the subscription. Just let us know in the comments that you have the book.

How Can I Pay-It-Forward?
1. Reply to someone that you are able to send a copy of the book.
2. I will contact you both (so please use real email addresses)
3. Please think about physical location and digital paywalls when doing this.

The pay it forward concept was first explained to me with the example of a toll road. Imagine you arrive at a toll road and pay for yourself and the person who will be next in line. The person behind has the choice to accept the gift and move on, or pay it forward to the person behind them.

With this book club you might see a familiar name on the comments section below or read why they like books. You decide to gift them the book, you have paid it forward to them – it is their choice to decide to go ahead and purchase a book for someone else, or not.

Interactive Section

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Pandora Sister’s Book Club

With much of the world on lockdown and some of us with a bit more time on our hands, it’s good to turn to something comforting and familiar: reading a good book!

During this time of a global pandemic it is important to keep positive and not panic. Books and stories are can be a wonderful escape from reality and are can help provide good mental health. Thus I decided to start a book club as an opportunity for Pandora sisters to meet together, chat and have some fun.

The Pandora Sister’s Book Club will read one book and discuss it together at the end of the month. Members can choose to read from either a paper or digital book. I myself prefer the convenience of ebooks and they are also a good option for those who cannot visit a bookshop.

The Curious Charm’s of Arthur Pepper by Phaedra Patrick

The first read of The Pandora Sister’s Book Club is the fantastic book ‘The Curious Charm’s of Arthur Pepper’ by Phaedra Patrick.

Although I have read The Curious Charm’s of Arthur Pepper once before it is the perfect book to start The Pandora Sister’s Book Club! Also we may have a surprise coming from its author, Phaedra Patrick. 

One aspect of The Pandora Sister’s Book Club is to ensure as many people as possible are able to read each months book. So I will help and pay-it-forward to some of you lovely readers by sending you a copy. If you would like to send a copy to someone then read below how to pay-it-forward.

Likely there will be some challenges and limitations to this endeavour as Pandora Sisters live all over the world. However I will aim to get the book to a number of people through Apple or Amazon.

How Can I joint Pandora Sister’s Book Club?
1. Leave a comment below on why you love reading.
2. Type your preference for the book (ie, Apple, Kindle etc).
3. Write your country location.

How will we discuss the book?

This will depends on the participation in the book club and whereabouts the members are located. However there should be a small window of time during the day when we can all manage to go online for an hours chat.

When will we discuss ‘The Curious Charm’s of Arthur Pepper’?
The Pandora Sister’s Book Club will discuss the first book ‘The Curious Charm’s of Arthur Pepper‘ on Sunday 26th April 2020 at 2.00pm GMT.

I am really excited about The Pandora Sister’s Book Club and look forward to hearing from you below 🙂

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