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PANDORA Summer 2017 Collection Update

PANDORA Summer 2017 Collection Update

The sun has got his hat on and is coming out to play!

PANDORA Summer 2017 Collection


The PANDORA Summer 2017 Collection will be released 1st June 2017 but is already available in some stores. Click here to have a look at live images of the PANDORA Summer 2017 Collection. Here are some lovely high quality images to get you in the holiday mood. I have left off water marks so you can enjoy the collection to the full.

Summer Fun – $65 USD

I think this is a really fun charm and it looks great styled on the new PANDORA leather bracelets. It would make a lovely souvenir to remember your summer holiday.

Tropical Flamingo – $85 USD

This is quite a sweet charm and I really like the colour combination. I would have liked to have seen a bit more detail on the flamingo though.

Tropical Sunset – $70 USD

I normally keep away from bright enamels but I love this charm. I like that the waves are cut out and the pink and orange enamel is really cool retro look. I live near some amazing beaches and love the palm tree theme. I’m thinking the Tropical Sunset will be making it on my wishlist!

Tropical Paradise Petite Memories – $30 USD

I have been trying to decide on whether or not to get a Floating Necklace and the new Tropical Paradise Petite Memories are really tempting me. I’m still undecided. What do you think?

Tropical Starfish & Seashell – $55 USD

This is such a cute charm and would look great on a necklace or bracelet. The teal colour is perfect for the summer too. The Tropical Starfish & Seashell pendant may be making it onto my wishlist.

Ocean Life – $75 USD

Normally I am not keen on the button style charms but I love the detail and texture of the Ocean Life Charm. The sparkly navy blue enamel is a nice detail and I love the nobbly anemones! I’m thinking its a must have for this summer!

Pink Orchid Charm – $50 USD

I really love Orchids and I have the original Pink Orchid Dangle. I might buy the new Orchid charms in the future but my pennies will only stretch so far and there are so many other lovely charms in this collection.

White Orchid Charm – $50 USD

Green Mosaic Shining Elegance Clip – $45 USD

I really like the colour combinations of the new Shining Elegance Clips. I prefer the larger clips but these are really cute.

Pink Mosaic Shining Elegance Clip – $45 USD

Blue Mosaic Shining Elegance Clip – $45 USD

Glacier Blue Radiant Hearts – $80

The new Radiant Hearts charm is a beautiful icy blue. I’m a bit surprised that PANDORA released it as part of the Summer 2017 collection as it seems more fitting for the Winter collection. I does look a little bit like looking into a swimming pool though.

Pink Glitter Murano – $45 USD

Mint Glitter – $45 USD

The Pink and Mint Glitter Murano Charms are definite must-haves for my wishlist. The Mint version is my favourite of the two and it reminds me of snorkelling and looking at the corals. I’m really excited about the new Murano charms from PANDORA, they are a great way to change the colour theme of your bracelet without buying lots of charms.

Koinobori Murano

Available in North America and Asia, not sure about Europe yet.

I really like the fish scale pattern of the Koinobori Murano but as I’m not a big fan of red I’ll be giving it a miss.

White Orchid Dangle Charm – $50 USD

Blue Cosmic Stars Clip – $70 USD

Green Cosmic Stars Clip – $70 USD

I really like the colours of the new Cosmic Star Clips particularly the green version. I’m not sure my budget will cover new clips just yet though so I will wait for a later date.

Woven Mixed Pink Leather – $50 USD

Woven Mixed Blue Leather – $50 USD

Both the new Woven Leather bracelets are Limited Edition. PANDORA leather bracelets are great for the warmer months and are a nice way to add a splash of colour to a bracelet stack.

Tropical Starfish – $50 USD

The Tropical Starfish pendant is really cute but as the Tropical Starfish & Seashell Pendant is very similar I think I will only buy one of them. The Tropical Starfish & Seashell is just $5 more and has the Seashell so I think that will be my pendant for the summer.

White Orchid Earrings – $45 USD

These earring as so cute. I am resisting the new White Orchid charms but these earrings are so adorable I’m not sure I will be able to resist them!

Tropical Starfish Earrings – $55 USD

I love wearing stud earrings as they are great for a day to day look. I like my earrings to have a design though rather than just abstract shapes. The Tropical Starfish earrings are super cute and I will definite get them one day but the pennies won’t stretch this time around.

Sunny Doll is an Summer 2017 Collection Asian Exclusive – $89 SGD


OK, so my must haves are the Pink and Mint Glitter Murano Charms and the Ocean Life Charm. I’m thinking about the Tropical Starfish & Seashell Pendant, Tropical Sunset Charm, Tropical Paradise Petite Memories and the White Orchid Earrings.



The PANDORA Summer 2017 Collection will be available to buy from our preferred PANDORA retailer BeCharming.com from the 1st June 2017.

What is on your wishlist from the new PANDORA Summer 2017 Collection? Can you please help me make my mind up? Let us know in the comments below.


Please comment in any language.

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Hi Emily, Thank you for trying to help me decide. Maybe getting the small locket charm would be a good way to test the Petites. My husband doesn’t like the necklace Floating Lockets and I’m not 100% sure if it’s really my style but the Tropical Paradise Petites are so darn cute! ? Thank you for your kind comments! I’m a bit behind at the moment with my reviews but I will try to get them finished before the end of the month. I’ve still got Donald, Daisy, Tinker Bells dress and Mrs Potts & Chip to review ? Have… Read more »


Hi Again Dora! I have yet to add a Floating Necklace to my collection, but the Tropical Paradise Petite Memories are certainly tempting me, too. This is the first set I’ve really liked enough to purchase. The colors in the fish are so pretty. I’ll definitely add a lock let to my list if I get the Ocean Life charm and I think you should go for it!!! You’ve already said you love the Ocean Life charm. HaHa. I have quite a few charms from the Summer release (posted under your most recent live images) I’m planning to get during… Read more »


I forgot to say thanks for the lovely high quality images, Dora. Your time and hard work invested in this site is much appreciated. I’m looking forward to seeing what you end up getting from the Summer release and how you decide to style them.


Thanks for the gorgeous pics! My faves are the bright enamel paradise charm and the starfish pendant with matching earrings. Do you know if the release date is the same over in uk/europe?? Thanks x


Hi Becky,
You’re welcome! The bright charms are really cute and fun for the summer. I love the Starfish designs too. Every time I visit a beach I search for a starfish but I haven’t found one yet.
The release date of June 1st is a global release date. The Koinobori Murano isn’t going to be available in the UK but I’m not sure if it will be available in Europe. Many PANDORA stores will be getting the Summer collection this week so you might be able to get your charms before the 1st June.
Thanks for commenting
Dora ?