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PANDORA UK Christmas Ornament Promotion

PANDORA UK Christmas Ornament Promotion

Many PANDORA fans have been collecting the PANDORA Christmas Ornaments over the last few years. The 2016 PANDORA Christmas Ornament is available now.


The 2016 Christmas Ornament is a ceramic gift with a sweet bow on the top and it resembles many of the PANDORA gift charms. 


Here is a beautiful live shot of both the new PANDORA Christmas Ornament and the new Christmas packaging. Photo credit: PandoraDreaming15.





The 2016 PANDORA Christmas Ornament is available now in-store and online in the UK (while stocks last) with a spend of £125 or more. 


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Do you collect the PANDORA Christmas Ornaments? Will you be getting the 2016 Christmas Ornament? Let us know in the comments below.

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So excited! I just got the ornaments for the past five years, and I can’t wait to get this one, too!


Wow! It would be great to see a photo of your collection with the new one for this year. Thank you for commenting, Dora ?


Is amazing …my dreams is make a collection of this porcelain itens…but i have just one…the snowflake…i win in the last year…


There are lots of lovely PANDORA promotional items to collect aren’t there? Some PANDORA groups on Facebook sell PANDORA promotional items. Pandora’s Angels Promo Group is one of them. If you are on Facebook and join the group you will love it!
Thanks for commenting,
Dora x