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Pandora UK Mother’s Day 2023 Collection Preview

The UK Mother’s Day Collection preview is here!

The Pandora Mother’s Day collection contains some beautiful pieces that are both timeless and specific to the Mother’s Day theme.

Links to the USA website include shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, El Salvador, Pueto Rico, Mexico and Jamaica.

Pandora Mother’s Day UK 2023 Bracelets

Pandora Moments
Pandora Moments Sparkling Infinity Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet(592645C01)

Snake chain sterling silver bracelet with infinity heart clasp with clear cubic zirconia. This is a classic moments bracelet style which links love with the heart-shaped clasp to the infinity symbol. A perfect representation of love and connection for this Mother’s Day and any occasion celebrating a loved one.

Pandora Moments
Sparkling Herbarium Cluster Chain Bracelet(592631C01)

This Sparkling Herbarium Cluster Chain Bracelet in sterling silver with clear cubic zirconia will pair perfectly with the earrings in this same design featured below and also with the Sparkling Herbarium Cluster Pendant Necklace (392387C01) from the 2022 Winter Collection. This delicate bracelet celebrates the beauty of nature with its sense of elegance.

Pandora Mother’s Day UK 2023 Charms

Pandora Moments
Two-tone Infinity Heart Double Dangle Charm(782641C01)

A perfect dangle to celebrate a mother’s love. This Two- Tone Infinity Heart sterling silver and 14k rose gold-plated double dangle with fancy fairy tale pink cubic zirconia around the rim of the heart and bail has lovely layers. The mother’s day collection always has very pretty dangle charms and this is no exception. The infinity loop which spells out the word ‘Mum’ or ‘Mom’ with the pink cubic zirconia seamlessly flows into the heart design which makes up the first layer of the dangle. The sterling silver background is engraved with the phrase ‘to me you are perfect’ embraces the essence of motherly love.

Pandora Moments
Two-tone Openwork Infinity Heart Charm(782642C00)

This gorgeous Two-tone Openwork Infinity Heart Charm is designed in sterling silver and 14k gold-plated. It features two intertwined hearts and is inscribed with ‘Family is Love’. The diversity of this message makes it a perfect gift for not only mothers, but grandmothers, aunts, nieces and other special family members. This versatile charm also has a beautiful flowing design and offers many styling possibilities with its two-toned hearts. A simple and elegant addition to the mother’s day range for 2023.

Pandora Moments
Two-tone Splittable Family Generation of Hearts Triple Dangle Charm

The Two-toned Splittable Family Generation of Hearts Triple Dangle Charm is designed in sterling silver and 14k rose gold-plated. The versatility of this charm is in its ability to be warn together or to be separated and shared across the generations of the matrilineal line. This charm is a beautiful way to celebrate and remember the generations that came before us and helped shape us into who we are. This will look great as a pendant or on a Moments charm bracelet.

Pandora Moments
Two-tone Openwork Mum & Heart Charm

Another charm that celebrates mum is the Two-toned Openwork Mum Heart sterling silver and 14k rose gold-plated charm with clear and fancy fairy tale pink cubic zirconia. The crystal in the centre making up the centre letter of Mum making it stand out. The pink accents and the rose gold plating of the heart at the bottom add movement and delicacy to the charm.

Pandora Moments
Mom 14K Rose Gold-Plated Dangle

This gorgeous and stylish dangle features a sparking cubic zirconia crystal in the centre and the lovely cursive hand-written lettering of ‘Mum’ and the engraving on the background dangle. This multilayered design is rich with meaning, sparkle and sentiments of love and adoration.

Sparkling Herbarium Cluster Charm(792623C01)

A familiar sterling silver version of the rose gold charm from the Winter collection, this Herbarium cluster sterling silver charm with clear cubic zirconia is a standout feature of any bracelet and will make a lovely set with the earrings and bracelet of the same design.

Pandora Moments
Splittable Mother & Daughter Dangle Charm

Another lovely sharable gift -the Splittable Mother and Daughter Dangle Charm in sterling silver. The Heart is splittable with the large clear cubic zirconia coming together.

Pandora Moments
Mum Hero Openwork Charm(792644C00)

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s – Super Mum! The My Hero Openwork sterling silver charm would be a great gift for a Marvel fan mum who has the Spiderman collection or any of the other Heroes from the Marvel X Pandora range. This fun charm brings to light the super-human qualities exhibited by mums around the world. A cute addition to any mother’s day bracelet.

Pandora Moments
I Woof You

For all those Fur Mums out there this is the charm for you! Not everyone had human children but many of us have fur babies, so this is the perfect charm to celebrate someone with a pet dog or someone who loves dogs. This shows one of the purest forms of love there is – the love we have for our pets. It is a fun sterling silver4 charm with a cute design. The floppy ears and capitalised WOOF engraved in the centre of the cubic zirconia heart give it a lot of character and dare I say – charm!

Pandora Moments
Pearlescent White Heart Double Dangle Charm 

A new and unique design appearing in our 2023 range. This Pearlescent White Heart Double Dangle Charm will no doubt be a popular choice this mother’s day with its unique bioresin man-made mother of pearl design. It also features clear cubic zirconia and is engraved on the second heart shaped panel.

Pandora Moments
Pink Family Tree & Heart Dangle Charm

Another new addition to the mother’s day collection is the Pink Family Tree and Heart Dangle Charm with sterling silver with the fancy fairy tale pink cubic zirconia and rose shadow pink crystal. This design is intresting and intricate from front to back and the rose shadow pink crystal makes it a feature on any pendant or bracelet. This will fit well with both Mother’s Day, Spring and Valentine’s Day bracelet designs.

Pandora Moments
Heart & Angel Dangle Charm

Heart and Angel Wing sterling silver dangle with clear cubic zirconia, this charm will go well with the previous angel designs in Pandora’s range and contrasts the smooth and simple sterling silver heart with the detailed and intricate angel wing decorated with cubic zirconia. This charm will be a great gift and also could be a special symbol to remember a loved one that has passed.

Pandora Moments
Disney Minnie Mouse Silhouette Double Dangle Charm

Disney Minnie sterling silver and 14k rose gold-plated double dangle with red, clear cubic zirconia and shimmering white enamel. An exciting addition to the Mother’s Day collection, this Dangle is a must for any Disney fan. A great release in a year that is celebrating Disney’s 100th Anniversary. The amazing red crystals accentuate Minnie’s bow, while the shimmering white enamel and cubic zirconia adorning Minnie’s outline give this dangle a lovely delicate appearance.

Pandora Mother’s Day UK 2023 Necklaces

Pandora Timeless Pavé Single-row Bar Collier Necklace(362635C01)

14k Gold-plated necklace with clear cubic zirconia, this Single-row Bar Collier Necklace will make a great set with the earrings in the same design. This piece will shimmer under lights and is a elegant piece to add to any Pandora collection.

Sparkling Herbarium Circle & Cluster Pendant Necklace(392620C01)

Sparkling Herbarium sterling silver necklace with clear cubic zirconia, a lovely piece in the Herbarium design range This necklace uses the pear and circular shaped crystals to create an interesting and unique design on the circular cubic zirconia openwork background.

Sparkling Infinity Heart Collier Necklace(392620C01)

Infinity heart sterling silver necklace with clear cubic zirconia making up the heart shape and the threaded infinity loop hugging the heart. This will go perfectly as a set with the Moments bracelet with the same clasp.

Mum Pavé Collier Necklace(392589C01)

Mum sterling silver collier necklace with clear cubic zirconia. This necklace complements the charms with the same design and allows the font and crystal to feature prominently. An elegant and meaningful design which would make the perfect gift.

Pandora UK Mother’s Day 2023 Rings

Sparkling Herbarium Cluster Open Ring

The SparklingHerbarium Cluster sterling silver open ring with clear cubic zirconia is a stunning piece. The opening on the ring make it all the more unique and the gap in the flower petal design could symbolise many different meanings, for example if someone is a new mum and adding to the family, or the game of ‘he loves me, loves me not’. This design is not limited to mother’s day possibilities and could also pair perfectly with Spring or other flower designs.

Pandora UK Mother’s Day Earrings

Timeless Pavé Single-row Bar Stud Earrings

Sparkle and shine in these Timeless Pavé Single-Row Bar Stud Earrings which are 14k Gold-plated with clear cubic zirconia. These would make a perfect gift set with the 14K Gold-plated Bar Collier necklace and will complement any outfit due to their timeless shape and design.

Sparkling Herbarium Cluster Stud Earrings(292633C01)

Herbarium cluster sterling silver stud earrings with clear cubic zirconia. Bring the beauty of nature to you jewellery with the Sparking Herbarium Cluster Stud Earrings. These sterling silver studs feature a cluster of alternating pear and marquise-shaped stones around a round centre stone, forming a geometric shape inspired by petal and leaf elements. An elegant reinterpretation of the shapes we find in nature, these sparkling studs are perfect for bringing a delicate, floating feel to your everyday looks.

Sparkling Infinity Heart Stud Earrings(292667C01)

These Sparkling Infinity heart sterling silver stud earrings with clear cubic zirconia. symbolise infinite love. They are the perfect gift and also will pair perfectly with the other pieces in this design. The contrast between the simple sterling silver infinity loop and the sparkling cubic zirconia hearts creates a wonderful balance to thesestuds.

Love Mum Stud Earrings(292669C00)

Love Mum Stud earrings in sterling silver feature the elegant and uninterrupted font lines spelling ‘mum’ with the heart as the ‘o’ and ‘love’. The letters are reminiscent of the recent Valentine’s Day release of the rose gold letter charms and have a wonderful smooth finish.

Links to the USA website include shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, El Salvador, Pueto Rico, Mexico and Jamaica.

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