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With over 300 items to choose from there is something for everyone in the Pandora Summer Sale!

Pandora UK Summer Sale Picks

I’ve compiled a list of my favourites from the Pandora UK Summer Sale, with fantastic savings of 50% off!

The 14k Gold Two Tone Bracelet is now available for £125. I just treated myself to one at the Bicester shopping village last weekend, otherwise this would have definitely been in my shopping basket this morning!

The White Primrose Meadow Charm is one of my favourite Pandora Rose charms and I’m very tempted to buy a second one at this price.

If you are a thinking about starting a Pandora Rose bracelet the Heraldic Radiance Padlock Clasp Bracelet is a perfect choice at £95.

The Pandora rumour mill suggests that Pandora will no longer produce 14k gold charms. If this ends up to be true, now is a good time to get a few at special prices. The Geometric Radiance charm is now available for £200.

While the romantic 14k Gold Heart Lock Charm is now £185.

There are only a few Reflexions pieces in the sale. My favourite is the super fun Space Rocket Clip in Pandora Rose which is now available for £19.

There are a few pieces from the 2019 Spring collection including the gorgeous Pandora Shine Openwork Butterflies Ring. I love the intricate design of this ring, it is a real statement piece and now £45.

Another stunning Pandora Shine item is the beautiful Intertwining Radiance charm from the 2018 Autumn Collection and now is £49. The stone in the centre is spectacular when it catches the light.

The Oceanic Starfish Charm is perfect for a summer holiday themed bracelet with its shimmering blue water droplet stones.

The pretty Scattered Sparkle Clip was only released in a few countries including the UK and I am surprised to see it included in the Summer Sale. At £29 it is a fantastic option if you need some Pandora Shine clips for your bracelet.

The beautiful Love & Appreciation Charm is another option for 14k gold lovers and it is now available for £165. But be quick as the solid gold items are selling it quickly.

The cute Cat Bowl Charm would look wonderful with the recent new Pandora Sweet Cat Pendant.

If you are looking for a gift for the loved one, the Sparkling Love Knot Charm is ideal. This pretty blush charm is now available for £39.

The Sparkling Love Knot Charm is also available in 14k gold for £175.

Another charm from the recent Spring collection is the delicate Openwork Butterflies Pendant in Pandora Shine. It would look pretty on either on a bracelet or a necklace and it is now available for £35.

Regular readers will know how much I love my Magnolia Bloom Clips and they frequently appear in my stylings. The delicate pink shades work well with both silver and Pandora Rose designs. They are now available for £29 each.

There are quite a few Pandora Disney items included in the sale and I treated myself to the sparkling Wish Upon A Star Charm which is now £29.

My favourite Pandora cat charm is also included in the Summer Sale. If you haven’t yet purchased Figaro, I fully recommend him and you can read my review for styling inspiration. He is now available for £25.

Surpisingly, the Dazzling Pink Butterfly Necklace from the recent Summer Collection is also included in the sale and is now £49.

Cult classic Steamboat Willie is also in the sale. Known as Mickey Vintage Hat Charm in the UK, this is a wonderful charm to charm celebrate 90 year of Mickey. Now available for £35. Read my Steamboat Willie review here.

The elegant Dreamy Dragonfly Ring is charming for summer and is now £29.

The Beauty & the Beast bangle is perfect for those who collect Limited Edition bangles or for starting a Disney theme bracelet. It is now available for £39.

The graceful Pandora Essence Dignity bead was my first Essence charm and is still as beautiful as the first day I bought it. It is now available for £29 which is a fantastic price for a real pearl.

The lovely Regal Heart Padlock Clasp Bracelet from the 2018 Autumn Collection would be perfect for a fairytale themed bracelet. It is now available for £29.

The Ladybird Petite charm is so cute and would look sweet with the recent Spring charms.

Another charm which is perfect for tropical beach stylings this Summer, is the shimmering Sky Mosaic Pavé Ball charm. I have the green version of this charm and it is wonderful for adding a splash of colour.

Interestingly both the silver and the Pandora Shine version of the Dazzling Grain Swirls charm are included in the sale and for the same price, £29! Personally I love the golden colour for this charm as it is perfect for those warm harvest time hues.

Many of the Brilliant Bow pieces feature in the Summer sale, including the bracelet, earrings and necklace. My favourite is the oversize Brilliant Bow charm which works well as a statement piece and is now available for £35.

The incredible Free as a Bird Pendant is also included in the sale and is now available for £25. It really is a special charm and features a tiny bird hanging from a chain when opened. You can see my stylings of it in my review here.

The wonderful Multi-Colour Mosaic Charm is ideal for adding some pretty pastel shades to your bracelet. I already have this charm but at £25 I am tempted to purchase a second one!

I have started to pay more attention to the strand style bracelet, especially after seeing some of the recent stylings in the Pandora Peach Blossom collection. The Shine Sparkling Strand Bracelet is particular pretty and now available for £65.

The elegant Regal Key Pendant in soft Pandora Rose would look charming on either a necklace or bracelet. It is now available for £25.

Even if you are not a Disney fan, the sparkling Cinderella’s Wish Charm is a wonderful addition to any collection. It’s mesmerising design makes it perfect for a bracelet centrepiece. Although I already have one Cinderella’s Wish charms, I am tempted to purchase a second so that I can wear them on my Pandora compose earring hook and barrels!

The Glacial Beauty Sliding Bracelet from the 2018 Winter collection is the second strand style bracelet to catch my eye. I just love the baguette-cut stones!

If you only buy one item from the Pandora Summer sale, make it the sweet Snow White Bird charm! Again, although this is a Disney charm, it is also perfect for Spring, Summer and nature themed designs. At £29 it is a must have! Read my review on it here.

Another sale must have is the super cute Jiminy Cricket Pendant. I love how this charm is threaded through the umbrella element and it looks great on both bracelets and necklaces. Read my review on it here.

One of the other charms I treated myself to in the Pandora Summer sale is the magical Tinker Bell Star charm. I am really pleased to get this charm as it complements the Tinker Bell Shoe, Dress and Peter Pan charms I already had in my collection.

One of my most favourite movable charms from Pandora is the Disney Pinocchio Pendant. It is also included in the sale and is now available for £29. See my own stylings with this charm in my review here.

If you love to stack your Pandora bracelets the pretty Entwined Bangle is for you! I also love to wear this bangle alone for a simple chic look.

The lovely Promise of Spring charm was one of my favourites from the 2018 Spring collection and I fully recommend it. Decorated with flowers and dragonflies it is perfect for nature themed designs and now available for £10. See my stylings and read my review here.

What have you purchased in the Pandora Summer sale? Share your shopping buys with us in the comments below…

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