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Pandora Valentines Deals Worldwide 2024

Welcome to a whistle stop tour of Pandora Deals around the world!

Please be aware we will be refreshing this post throughout the day today (Wed 7 Feb) and again tomorrow (Thur 8 Feb) as we find more deals… so press the refresh button or restart the app ♻︎

We will be updating Pandora deals on the app regularly by country. Be sure to select your country in the menu of the app to get up to date info.

Pandora Deals USA

The USA seems to have the best deals at the moment with several running concurrently. We have up to 30% off Valentines Gift Sets; Buy One, Get one 50% Off and Free Postage (no matter the spend) all for a Limited period of time. To find the 30% Off Gift Sets is a bit difficult as they are not advertising on the home page at the moment so you can use this banner below.

The next big offer for the US is the Buy 1, Get One 50% Off.

Pandora Canada Deals

Canada always follows the US for deals as they are run regionally as part of the North America market. Of Cours they have a separate website and we will provide you with some nice links to some lovely deals. Click here if you want to find the 30% off box sets.

Pandora UK Deals

There have been a few people asking if there is going to be a 3 for 2 offer as we are seeing that in some European countries at the moment. The 30% deal is a little bit hard to find as it is not adbvertised from the front page of the official Pandora website but you can use the banner below.

Pandora France Deals

We don’t always have the chance to update French deals but they have a 3-for-2 which someone kindly pointed out to me so here it is:

Pandora Germany Deals

Germany seems to have some great deals at the moment! Click below for details…

Netherlands Deals

Similar deals in many European countries., click below for details.

Pandora Australia Deals

It wouldn’t be a trip around the world without a visit to Australia. As well as the 50% Off Second Item (which seems a better way of saying Buy 1, Get 1 50% Off IMHO) there is also some discount on Gift Sets.

Pandora Deals Poland

Luck Pandora lovers in Poland have 3 for 2 and also discount on boxed sets. The clock is ticking for postage for Valentines though less that 24 hours at the time of writing (evening Wednesday).

Pandora Deals Spain

Amazing 3 for 2 deals in Spain as well as discount on boxed sets.

Pandora Deals Italy

Pandora is very popular in Italy and these deals are going to be appreciated!

The best way to check for deals is to change the country setting in the app from the menu to your own country. This will change and deals on the banner on the home page to your own country.

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