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PANDORA Winter 2017 Live Images

PANDORA Winter 2017 Live Images

It may not be cold yet, but the PANDORA Winter collection is making its’ way into stores!


The PANDORA Winter 2017 Collection is due to be released on the 2nd November but it has already been spotted in some stores! Here are some live images to get you in the mood…



PANDORA Essence Winter 2017, from left to right: Passion, Synthetic Ruby & Clear CZ (796441SRU) $70 USD, Optimism, Royal Green Crystal & Clear CZ (796440NRG) $70 USD, Peace, Royal Blue Crystal & Clear CZ (796439NCB) $70 USD, Passion, Synthetic Ruby & Clear CZ (796441SRU) $70 USD.



PANDORA Winter Rings 2017, from left to right: Timeless Elegance True Blue Crystal & Clear CZ (190947NBT) $75 USD, Timeless Elegance Synthetic Ruby & Clear CZ (190947SRU) $75 USD, Timeless Elegance Green & Clear CZ (190947GCZ) $75 USD.




PANDORA Rose Petite Charms 2017, from left to right: Sparkling Love Knot (782179CZ) $25 USD, Twinkling Christmas Tree (786399CZ) $25 USD, All Wrapped Up (782167CZ) $25 USD.



PANDORA Winter Charms 2017, from left to right: Celestial Mosaic (796400MMB) $65 USD, Snow Flurry (796378CZ) $60 USD, Starry Formation (796381CZ) $45 USD, Orbit (796377EN63) $55 USD, Dazzling Snowflake Twilight Blue (796358NTB) $90 USD, Nature’s Radiance Royal Blue (791969NCB) $70 USD.



PANDORA Winter 2017, from left to right: Glacial Beauty Swiss Blue (796360NSB) $90 USD, Timeless Elegance True Blue (290591NBT) $80 USD.



PANDORA Winter 2017, from left to right: Bright Star (796379NSBMX) $75 USD, Illuminating Stars (796373CZ) $65 USD, Wintry Delight (796357EN63) $50 USD, Snowy Wonderland (796384ENMX) $55 USD, Christmas Night (796386EN63) $55 USD, Dazzling Snowflake Clear (796358CZ) $90 USD, Heart of Winter Pendant (796372CZ) $60 USD, Snowflake Heart (796359CZ) $45 USD.



PANDORA Winter 2017, from left to right: Orbit (796377EN63) $55 USD, Dazzling Snowflake Twilight Blue (796358NTB) $90 USD, Snow Flurry (796378CZ) $60 USD, Nature’s Radiance Royal Blue (791969NCB) $70 USD.




Dazzling Snowflake Twilight Blue (796358NTB) $90 USD.



Snowy Wonderland (796384ENMX) $55 USD.



Colour Fresco (756225PCZMX) $400 USD.



Disney Lilo & Stitch (796338ENMX) $65 USD.



Disney Expressive Mickey (796339ENMX) $65 USD.



Disney Bambi (796462) $50 USD.



Disney Thumper (796342) $50 USD.



Apart from the Winter 2017 Collection, some exclusive charms have been released in the US for Halloween as well as a selection of faith and hobby charms. View the entire selection in our previous post here. 



Happy Halloween (19800978) $60 USD.



Pumpkin Charm (ENG792016CZ_11) $75 USD, My Boo Charm (ENG792015_6) $55 USD, Trick or Treat Charm (ENG792016CZ_12) $75 USD.



Chai of Life Charm (ENG792016CZ_1) $75 USD, Faith Cross Charm (ENG792016CZ_2) $75 USD.



Additionally, another charm appears to be joining the Winter 2017 Collection, although it doesn’t appear in the PANDORA US catalog! The Arabic Love charm (796257) is embellished with an Arabic Love script, enclosed with swirling with hearts. It is simple but quite lovely!

Previously I didn’t think I liked the Bambi or Thumper charms but they are really appealing to me now! I also quite like the Expressive Mickey and Lilo & Stitch charms and I didn’t realise how much detail was in the imagery before I saw the live shot. The Celestial Mosaic is continuing to grab my attention and I think the Starry Formation clips are very pretty too and could work all year round. I also love the blue enamel especially in the Wintry Delight charm. Hmmm so much to decide! What is on your list? Have these live shots helped you decide on your PANDORA Winter shopping list? Let us know in the comments below!


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Hi Dora, I’m in serious problems because I want lots of charms, the starry charms are awesome and perfect for a bracelet that I have, Bambi and Tumbler are so cute… last Friday I went to the store because I need a special gift for my cousin, and the girl showed me the new collection and was breathless! But I only took home one charm for me: Lilo & Stitch, in the first photos I saw months ago I didn’t like that charm, but in person it’s amazing! Im going to wait to Black Friday promo to buy some of… Read more »


Hi Priscilla,
Don’t worry, you’re not alone… I have a serious problem too! ? I thought I was safe in the Winter collection but it has grown on me! I totally agree with you about Lilo & Stitch too. I haven’t seen it in person but the real life images look really cute, much nicer than the stock images. It’s tempting me! I’ll be adding to your problem later today as I have some more news! ?
Thanks for commenting and have a great day,
Dora ?