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Clockwise from the clasp:

Moments bracelet (No. 590702HV, £55/USD65/CAD75/€59), Lucky Elephant (No. 791130, £30/USD45/CAD40/€29, retired), Dragonfly Meadow (No. 791733CZ, £55/USD65/CAD70/€59), Green Captivating Murano (No. 790636, £30/USD35/CAD35/€29, retired), Butterfly Garden (No. 790895, £20/USD25/CAD29/€19), Miss Hedgehog (No. 791179, £30/USD40/CAD45/€29, retired) Lacewing Butterfly Clip (No. 791256, £35/USD45/CAD50/€39), Light as a Feather (No. 791186CZ, £50/USD60/CAD65/€55, retired) Green Petite Facet (No. 791499SGQ, £40/USD50/CAD55/€45), Peacock (No. 791227MCZ, £40/USD50/CAD55/€45, retired), Ocean Mosaic Pavé Ball (No. 791261MCZMX, £55/USD70/CAD80/€65), Dazzling Daisy Meadow (No. 791492CZ, £55/USD60/CAD65/€59), Lacewing Butterfly Clip (No. 791256, £35/USD45/CAD50/€39), Happy Little Bird (No. 790424, £25/USD50/CAD55/€35, retired) Open Your Heart (No. 790964, £20/USD25/CAD30/€19), Green Ribbon Murano (No. 790615, £30/USD35/CAD35/€29, retired), Wise Owl (No. 791211CZN, £40/USD50/CAD55/€45), Monkey Mother and Baby (No. 790422, £25/USD50/CAD55/€35, retired).


December 15, 2015


Green, Silver, Teal, White