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Diamonds are a girls best friend

Add a little frosting to your outfit with the 2017 PANDORA Club Charm

Starting in 2014 PANDORA began producing Club Charms. Each club charm has the year engraved and a small diamond set in the design. This year was a little different as it was the first time PANDORA fans helped to design the Club Charm. The  PANDORA 2017 Club Charm (N0. 792092D) was released alongside the PANDORA Spring 2017 Collection. 


Many PANDORA fans have collected the PANDORA Club Charms from the first PANDORA gift box design released in 2014. Previously I haven’t been tempted to begin collecting the Club Charms as there have always been charms I preferred, however the
2017 Club Charm really caught my attention.



One of the nice touches about PANDORA Club Charms is that they are presented in a pretty little leatherette box. In previous years some countries did not receive the Club Charm presentation box, but this year it has been available globally. ‘PANDORA Club’ is embossed on the outside of the lid and the date of the Charm is printed on the inside of the lid.



The PANDORA 2017 Club Charm is the first Club Charm to have a locket design. As lockets are currently a big trend it is a fitting design for 2017. I think the 2017 Club Charm would look super worn in a necklace stack with the new PANDORA Heart Floating Locket (No. 590544-60).



All PANDORA Club Charms have the year engraved on the charm. The date is engraved on the inside of the 2017 Club Charm, leaving the locket looking quite simple when closed. The front of the locket has a little cut-out heart shape which draws the eye to the sparkling diamond inside the locket.



The back of the 2017 Club Charm is engraved with the PANDORA logo and the words ‘PANDORA CLUB’. The engraving is relatively subtle as the text is quite thin and hasn’t been heavily oxidised. There is also a tiny hole on the back of the charm, which allows light to enter behind the diamond, providing more glimmer and glow on the diamond. The bale of the 2017 Club Charm is a lot more narrow than many PANDORA Pendant Charms and is not threaded which makes it quick to add onto a bracelet. The the row of little hearts on the bale of the charm is a delightful detail to what is quite a simple design.





My first design with the PANDORA 2017 Club Charm is rather pink and girly, full of hearts and flowers. I preferred to have smaller charms either side of the Club Charm, to give it space around the love heart. The Pink Petite Facets look charming either side of it, but other colours would work equally well if pink isn’t your thing. The Magnolia Bloom Clips (No. 792078PCZ) look fresh and sweet combined with the Cherry Blossom and Pink Field of Flowers Murano Charms.



To emphasise the diamond at the centre of the 2017 Club Charm, I created a two tone theme on the Oxidised Moments Bracelet. Many of the older PANDORA charms, such as the He Loves Me Charm (No. 790541D), have diamonds rather than cubic zirconia. I personally prefer to have diamonds, especially on two tone or gold charms. If you are not sure which PANDORA charms have diamonds, look at the product code number. If there is a diamond on the charm there should be a ‘D’ in the code number.



The 2017 Club Charm is a perfect centre-piece on any design. I used the PANDORA Moments Bangle to create a mini design all in silver. I love this look, it is elegant and chic. Perfect for an evening out.



The 2017 Club Charm is special enough for primary position on any bracelet. I used the PANDORA Rose Heart Clasp Bracelet to accentuate the love hearts on the Club Charm. I love the symmetry of the PANDORA Rose (No. 780964) and Silver versions of the Open Your Heart Charm (No. 790964).



The PANDORA 2017 Club Charm is incredibly versatile and looks wonderful on the PANDORA Leather Bracelets too. PANDORA recommend only using 5-7 charms on the leather bracelets. Often I only use 3 charms on the leather bracelets for a clean and pretty style. For my final bracelet designs I used my different colour Double Leather Bracelets with two different charms either side of the 2017 Club Charm.




The 2017 Club Charm looks cute worn as a necklace pendant too. I went a little love heart crazy using the Open Your Heart Charm (No. 790964) and the Cerise Encased in Love Charm (No. 792036ncc).







[qodef_blockquote text=”My verdict on the 2017 Club Charm? Brilliant!” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]






The PANDORA 2017 Club Charm (No. 792092D) is $65 / C$75 / £50 / €59 and is available from our preferred retailer along with the rest of the PANDORA Spring 2017 Collection.

In the UK the PANDORA 2017 Club Charm is £50 and is available from the PANDORA eStore.


Do you collect the PANDORA Club Charms? Which is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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