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Snowflakes fall with a fascinating variety of shapes and patterns and the PANDORA Crystallised Snowflake Clip highlights their beauty.

791997nmb pandora crystallised snowflake clip

The PANDORA Crystallised Snowflake Clip (N0. 791997NMB) is inspired by the natures design of snowflakes and ice crystals which appear on windows on frozen winter mornings.



When I first previewed the PANDORA 2016 Winter Collection, the PANDORA Crystallised Snowflake Clip caught my attention. PANDORA have released quite a few Snowflake clips including the Snowflake with Aqua Cubic Zirconia (No. 790367CZA), the Solaris Flower/Snowflake Clip (No. 790988CZ) and the Two Tone Snowflake Clip (No. 791232). Despite all these previous offerings, I still did not have a Snowflake Clip in my PANDORA collection. However, I loved the smooth look of the PANDORA Crystallised Snowflake Clip as well as the alluring blue shades of the crystals and decided it was a must-have!


Yet again the stock photo of the PANDORA Crystallised Snowflake Clip doesn’t do it justice. In real life the combination of crystals and cubic zirconia really glimmer and gleam, in reminiscence of a chilly winter morning as the sun awakens.




When looking at the inside of the PANDORA Crystallised Snowflake Clip you can see the silver is cut out behind the crystals which allows more light to pass through, creating added brilliance.





My immediate choice to style the PANDORA Crystallised Snowflake Clip was to pair it with the Fascinating Aventurescent Murano (No. 791628). The copper flecks in the PANDORA Fascinating Aventurescent Murano remind me of falling snowflakes against a crisp winter night sky. Unfortunately the Fascinating Aventurescent Murano is now discontinued however the PANDORA Blue Fascinating Iridescence (No. 791646) would create a similar effect.







For a delicate and dainty style, I combined the PANDORA Crystallised Snowflake Clips with two PANDORA Galaxy charms (No. 791388CZ) either side of the new Heart of Winter Charm (No. 791996CZ) on a PANDORA Bangle. I love the sleek continuity of the silver from the Snowflake Clip onto the silver of the bangle.





One of my favourite ways to style the Crystallised Snowflake Clips this Winter will be on the PANDORA Moments Bracelet with the Disney Frozen Snowflake Openwork (No. 791563CZ), the new Heart of Winter Charm (No. 791996CZ) and the new Starry Night Sky Murano (No. 791662CZ). This design makes me feel like running through a blanket of snow, to go and build a snowman, while a huge night sky twinkles above me.






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The PANDORA Crystallised Snowflake Clip (N0. 791997NMB) is £50 / $60 and is available from our preferred retailer along with the rest of the PANDORA 2016 Winter Collection.



Remember to enter our competition, if you would like one of your friends to win a charm from the PANDORA 2016 Winter Collection.


Have you bought the PANDORA Crystallised Snowflake Clip or is it on your wishlist? What’s your favourite way to style them? Let us know in the comments below.

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