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The Mother-of-Pearl Mickey Mouse Silhouettes create a dreamy finish to this beautiful charm.


The PANDORA Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm (N0. 791818MOP) is simply charming! The little Mickey Mouse Silhouettes are so iconic they are instantly recognisable, yet being set in Mother-of-Pearl they are quite discreet for a Disney Charm. The PANDORA Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm was released as part of the PANDORA Disney 2016 Winter Collection.



The PANDORA Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm was one of my favourite charms from the PANDORA Disney 2016 Winter Collection along with the Disney Fantasyland Fireworks Charm, which is a Disney Parks exclusive charm. I loved the contrast of the Mother-of-pearl and the smooth silver of the Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm in the stock images. The charm is more striking in real life and the little Mickey silhouettes glow with a fantastic luminance.



791818MOP Pandora Disney Mickey Silhouettes charm



Beautiful iridescent mother-of-pearl, also known as nacre, is the inner shell of pearl producing oysters. It can be found in virtually any colour, but is most commonly light, with a gorgeous pearly lustre. In the Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm the mother-of-pearl changes in appearance from white to pink and green to blue. This is my first charm with mother-of-pearl and I look forward to adding others to my collection as it adds such an elegant touch.



791818MOP 2017 summer valentines spring mothers day Pandora Disney Mickey Silhouettes charm



Many of the PANDORA Disney charms have lots of hallmarks covering them, which can be a little unsightly. The Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm only has the typical PANDORA hallmark, S925 ALE. As the Mickey Silhouettes Charm is a threaded charm it is quite heavy and feels like a nice amount of silver for your bracelet.






The subtle pink hues of the Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm are highlighted delightfully on the PANDORA Moments Pink Leather Bracelet (590705CMP-D). In this styling I went for a pretty, floral theme which looks quite feminine. One reason I like the Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm so much, is that it’s so easy to style. Often the PANDORA Mickey and Minnie charms are in red and black colours, which can be harder to wear.






Using my PANDORA Moments Bracelet I continued the floral theme with the Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm. This time I added two other PANDORA Disney charms, Eeyore (No. 791567EN80) and Winnie-the-Pooh (No. 791566). The pink from Eeyore’s bow along with the Pink Petite Facets (No. 791499PCZ) emphasise the pink hues in the Mickey Silhouettes Charm.







My final styling of the Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm shows how it is possible to wear Disney in a grown-up way! Worn alone on a PANDORA Bangle, the Mickey Silhouettes Charm looks exquisite. I love the idea of wearing Disney charms at an important business meeting. It seems fitting for the Disney philosophy of “Laughter is timeless, imagination has no age, and dreams are forever.”





In the future I hope to add two pink Mickey Mouse Icon Murano Glass Charms (7501055890728P) to my collection which I think would look beautiful worn with the Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm.





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The PANDORA Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm (N0. 791818MOP) is $60 and is available from our preferred retailer along with the rest of the PANDORA Disney 2016 Winter Collection.



Do you have the the Disney Pearlescent Mickey Silhouettes Charm or is it on your wishlist? Let us know how you style it in the comments below.

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