REVIEW: PANDORA Fairytale Fish Charm

792014ccz pandora russian fairytale fish charm


Earlier this year PANDORA fans worldwide went a little crazy trying to reel in the new Russian exclusive ‘Fairytale Fish’ Charm. After a little patience I finally caught him!


pandora 792014CCZ russian fish

The PANDORA Russian country exclusive ‘Fairytale Fish‘ Charm (N0. 792014CCZ) is a beautiful two tone charm set with yellow and black stones. Inspired from the Russian folktale titled “The Golden Fish” (read the story on the News Pinboard) this stunning charm would be perfect for a fairytale themed bracelet.


When I first saw the stock photo of the Fairytale Fish Charm I loved the quirkiness of the design. My favourite PANDORA charms are the two tone charms and the little golden crown on the Fairytale Fish Charm adds a special touch. As the Fairytale Fish Charm is a Russian exclusive he proved tricky to purchase but finally I found a PANDORA fan willing to help me purchase him. The PANDORA Fairytale Fish Charm is available in Russia and Bahrain for 5,950 Rubles / 44.00 BHD.


In real life the detail of the PANDORA ‘Fairytale Fish’ Charm took my breath away, especially when viewed through a macro lens. It is one of the most exciting PANDORA charms I have seen in a long time and he would be a treasure for any PANDORA fans collection.


792014ccz pandora russian fairytale fish charm






One of the interesting things I noticed when viewing the Fairytale Fish Charm through the camera lens was an extra Russian hallmark on the right of the face of the fish. The Russian hallmark isn’t visible to the naked eye so doesn’t detract from the beauty of the charm. Interestingly it is the law in Russia for this hallmark to be added to jewellery if it is large enough but the first batch of the Fairytale Fish Charm do not have the hallmark on them. It was added for next batches sold. For me the extra hallmark adds to the uniqueness of the charm.





The normal PANDORA S925 hallmark is marked on the underside of the face of the fish. The expression on the fishes face is delightful and makes the Fairytale Fish look friendly and inquisitive.





The clear and orange cubic zirconia are in a pretty pattern on the body of the fish and compliment the subtle details on the fins and tail. The PANDORA Fairytale Fish is an openwork charm (not threaded) and is quite light. The body part of the fish is quite small and tail of the fish hangs down quite a lot as you can see in the styling photographs.





When I first thought about how to style the PANDORA Fairytale Fish charm I thought of using the Shoreline Sea Glass murano charms (No. 791608). The purple and the gold crown on the Fairytale Fish charm create a regal look together. I chose quite a symmetric design to make the Fairytale Fish a focus point for the bracelet. As in the Russian folktale titled “The Golden Fish” the fish gets caught I used the Galaxy (No. 791388CZ) charms to represent the fish being tangle in a fishing net.





I created a similar style using the Ocean Sea Glass Murano Charms (No. 791610), the Ocean Mosaic Pavé Ball (No. 791261MCZMX) and the Green Petite Facet (No. 791499SGQ). The teals and green make me think of the Golden Fish swimming back to freedom into the deep sea. Despite having orange cubic zirconia stones the PANDORA Fairytale fish really is very versatile and looks stunning with a variety of colours.




As my collection of two tone PANDORA charms has now grown enough to fill a bracelet I decide to make a simple two tone bracelet design with the Fairytale Fish as a centre feature.







My verdict on the Fairytale Fish? A real catch!


Have you bought the Russian Fairytale Fish or is he on your wishlist? What’s your favourite way to wear him? Let us know in the comments below.


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Shital Pratap
Shital Pratap

Wow!! Its such a beautiful charm!! The fish charm definitely looks exotic ?. Moreover, the way you have done the review on it and really brought out each and every delicate details of the fish charm is applaudable ?. Wonderful!!! Plus, the way the charm looks with other beads on the bracelet is really amazing…… Cheers……
Shital Pratap


Hi Shital,
Thank you for your kind words. I loved the Fairytale Fish charm from the moment I saw the stock image but once I saw it in real life I was able to really appreciate the details. I was also surprised at how well the Fairytale Fish charm works with lots of different colours and designs. He is one of my favourite charms 🙂
Thank you for commenting, Dora x

Lisa K

Hi Dora I’m so glad you talked about the extra Hallmark. When I received my charm & bracelet I took out my geo loop to have a closer look and was amazed to find the additional Russian hallmark with a three digit number at the end. Can you tell me if each charm has its own number as part of a limited edition series or if it something else Such as a standard number assigned to that charm.. I love this charm. one of the best designs in years. I love how the orange CZ stones highlight the fish and… Read more »

Lisa K

Hi Dora, Ignore my question about the number contained in the extra Hallmark. Just after I posted my question I,took a closer look @ your photos & realized the number was the same on my charm so it must be part of the Russian serial number. Either way I love how it is virtually invisible but there none the less. I have styled my Golden Fish with onyx & two hone charms along with golden paves charms. I also did an enchantment under the sea version with various blue fascetted muranos & mosaic pave charms. Your designs are lovely.. I… Read more »


Hi Lisa, The extra Russian Hallmark does make the charm a bit more special doesn’t it? I couldn’t believe how clear it was through my macro lens but how I couldn’t see it with my eye alone. They haven’t oxidised the Russian Hallmark unlike the PANDORA S925 ALE Hallmark so it isn’t as obvious. I completely agree with your comment about the orange cubic zirconia stones. They are just right to highlight the fish! Your designs sound really beautiful. If you would like them to be featured on the Inspiration page, send a photo to and I will add… Read more »


This charm is amzing…i have a fairy tale bracelet, but havent money to catch my fish….someday….we keep our eyes in a internacional groups, is a chance to find exclusive country charms…


It really is an amazing charm. If you are on Facebook the PANDORA buy and sell group Pandora’s Angels is a great way to get country exclusive charms. Hopefully you will catch your fish one day in the future! Thanks for commenting, Dora x

Shital Pratap
Shital Pratap

Well its sad that the gorgeous fairytale fish charm won’t swim towards my country ??. I guess that why they call it a country exclusive charm…..but anyways, its still stunning ??
Shital Pratap


Hi Shital,
If you are able to join the Facebook PANDORA buy and sell group Pandora’s Angels you might be able to get a Fairytale Fish from one of the members.
Thanks for commenting,
Dora 😉


That is truly a stunning charm!


Hi Plethora_pandora,
It’s really amazing. I hope to see more interesting designs like this soon from PANDORA.
Thanks for commenting,
Dora ?

Jackie Oz R
Jackie Oz R

Thanks for the info about the hallmark, very interesting.


You are most welcome Jackie. I found it really interesting too. It makes my little fish a bit more special to me now. ?
Thank you for commenting,
Dora ?

Tracy Williams
Tracy Williams

I’m so excited to hear about your blog and why only some of the fishes had the Russian hallmark. I’ve ended up with two fishes because one took so long to arrive that I sourced one somewhere else but then the origanal eventually arrived. I must check them out again with a better microscope.