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Dress up your tracker

Are you put off wearing a Fitness Tracker because of it’s looks? FitJewels makes fitness pretty again…


As fitness trackers have developed in technology, their appearance has also developed. Recent fitness tracker are sleeker and more refined than older models. This is opening up the market of fitness trackers to include many who previously decided against purchasing a fitness tracker because of it’s image.


Last year we posted an article on how to wear FitBit with PANDORA jewellery. Since that time many new fitness trackers have been released and I decided to replace my FitBit Charge HR with a FitBit Alta HR. I considered upgrading to the Charge HR 2 but after much deliberation I choose the new Alta HR. For me, the winning factor was that the FitBit Alta HR is a sleeker design, looks more feminine and has interchangeable straps. This feature was a huge draw for me as I often thought about removing my FitBit Charge HR for more dressy occasions. But if I removed it I wouldn’t be able to count my steps!


With my FibBit Alta HR ordered, I researched compatible bracelets and discovered the fantastic FitJewels who produce jewellery for fitness activity trackers like Fitbit FlexOne, Alta HR, Charge HR 2 as well as Misfit Ray and Jawbone Up Move. FitJewels kindly provided with my four favourite tracker bracelets to review. The ARTEMIS Bangle, the Aurel Bracelet in Grey and Rose Gold, the Aurel Bracelet in Silver and the SOSO Bracelet. In the next few pages I will show how each of the four FitJewels bracelets works alongside PANDORA bracelets.




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