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“There’s something so beautiful about a magnolia blossom. It demands attention.” – Joanna Gaines


The Magnolia Bloom Clips and Charm are as captivating as the flower they are named after.

From my first sightings of the PANDORA Magnolia Bloom Clips (N0. 792078PCZ) and Charm (No. 792087PCZ) I was enthralled. It was love at first sight and the Magnolia Bloom Clips and Charm were my absolute must-haves from the PANDORA Spring 2017 Collection. 



For the first time, PANDORA have used shaded enamel to create the beautiful design for the Magnolia Bloom Collection. The shaded enamel creates a soft and delicate style which is set off charmingly with the sparkly pink cubic zirconia at the centre of the flower. The design is featured on both sides of the PANDORA Magnolia Bloom Clips.






There are three different Magnolia Bloom Charms including a ‘button-style’ version (No. 792085PCZ) and a dangle version (No. 792077PCZ) but the sphere shaped Magnolia Bloom Charm is my favourite. It is an openwork design with three blooms touching to form a circle. As the enamel is shaded by hand you may notice the flowers are not exactly the same saturation. One of the flowers on my  Magnolia Bloom Charm is slightly paler than the other two. My Magnolia Bloom Clips are also a shade lighter than the charm.




The cubic zirconia stone at the centre of the design is pink but to my eye it has a slight purple hue to it. I think this is a fantastic example of when PANDORA gets cubic zirconia right, and the effect is quite mesmerising.




I love the cut out areas on the Magnolia Bloom Charm. They add elegance and grace to the design and create a feeling of light and beauty.




I thoroughly enjoyed styling the Magnolia Bloom Clips and Charm as they are so fresh and versatile. In my first styling I played with contrast and paired the Magnolia Bloom Clips and Charm with the Wildflower Murano Charms (No. 791638cz) and the vivid Fascinating Olive Crystal Charms (No. 791729nlg). I added the Darling Daisy Spacers (No. 791495en12) for a little freshness. The result is a perfect Spring garden!




I was excited to play with my new PANDORA Rose Heart Clasp Bracelet (No. 580719) and discovered that the pretty pink enamel on the Magnolia Bloom Clips is enhanced wonderfully with the Rose Gold colour. Currently I only have one PANDORA Rose charm but I love this look and can’t wait to add more PANDORA Rose to my collection.




The Field of Flowers Murano Charms in Pink (No. 791665) and Purple (No. 791667) were also must-haves for me from the PANDORA Spring 2017 Collection. The Purple Field of Flowers Murano highlights the cubic zirconia on the Magnolia Bloom Charm perfectly in this simple design on a PANDORA Moments Bangle. I love using the PANDORA Bangle as a way to showcase favourite charms or mini-themes.




I created a little fairy-garden necklace using the Magnolia Bloom Charm, the Wildflower Murano Charms and my new Tinker Bell’s Dress Charm from the PANDORA Disney Spring 2017 Collection. I love this styling and can just imagine Tink fluttering around the blooms with her pixie dust!




As I mentioned earlier the Magnolia Bloom Clips and Charm are incredibly versatile and work well with many colours. In this styling I used the Light Blue Double Woven Leather Bracelet (No. 590734cbl-d) with the sweet Pink (No. 791483en68) and Pavé (No. 791482cz) Fluttering Butterflies charms. The light blue and the pale pink colours look delicate and almost ethereal together.




In this styling, the Light Green Double Leather Bracelet (No. 590705clg-d) contrasts quite dramatically with the pale pink of the Magnolia Bloom Clips and Charm. 




I used the Pink Double Leather Bracelet (No. 590705cmp-d) with the  Magnolia Bloom Clips and Charm to create a soft, feminine style. PANDORA suggest using 5-7 charms on the leather bracelet and I used 7 in this design.




In my final styling, I paired the Orchid Pendant (No. 791554en69) with the Magnolia Bloom Clips on the Honeysuckle Pink Double Leather Bracelet (No. 590734CHP-D). I love how the pink peeps through the design on the Galaxy charms and ties the different pink shades together. Notice how the cubic zirconia on the Magnolia Bloom Clips and Orchid Pendant match exactly. This vibrant design is fun and yet graceful.




[qodef_blockquote text=”My verdict on the Magnolia Bloom Clips and Charm? Blooming marvellous!” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]






The PANDORA Magnolia Bloom Clip (N0. 792078PCZ) is £45 / €49 / $60 / C$70. The PANDORA Magnolia Bloom Charm (No. 792087PCZ) is £45 / €49 / $55 / C$60. Both are available from our preferred retailer along with the rest of the PANDORA Spring 2017 Collection.



Do you have the PANDORA Magnolia Bloom Clips or Charm? Or are they on your wishlist? Let us know how you style it in the comments below.

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