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PANDORA have created a spectacular Murano charm, inspired by the sky at night with delicate white glass stone-studded stars.


The PANDORA Starry Night Sky Murano Charm (N0. 791662CZ) is truly breathtaking murano. Multiple layers of blue-hued glass and iridescent glittery sheen are punctuated with six delicate white glass stars, each with a clear cubic zirconia at it’s centre. The combination of all of these effects create a magnificent murano charm. For many PANDORA fans the Starry Night Sky Murano Charm has been the must-have charm from the PANDORA 2016 Winter Collection.




As murano charms are hand made and can vary greatly, many PANDORA collectors like to pick out their murano charms in person. From the different images I have seen of the Starry Night Sky Murano Charm on social media, it looks like the white glass stars are quite consistent. The stars in my Starry Night Sky Murano Charm are not as ‘pointy’ as the ones in the PANDORA stock image but I am very pleased with the look of them.




The blue glass and sparkly glitter in the Starry Night Sky Murano Charm change how the Murano looks in different lights and makes it look quite dramatic and eye-catching.




The little white glass stars seem to twinkle and shine when the light hits the cubic zirconia stones. I am not always a big fan of cubic zirconia in PANDORA charms but they can be very effective when used well and the Starry Night Sky Murano Charm is an outstanding example of that.




For my first styling of the Starry Night Sky Murano Charm I created a vintage-feel using two Pavé Flower Charms (No. 791419CZ) on a simple PANDORA bangle. This look is quite feminine yet understated and would add instant glamour to your outfit.





In this style I combined the Starry Night Sky Murano Charm with the Heart of Winter Charm and the Crystallised Snowflake Clips for a wintery, starry night feel. The Fascinating Aventurescent Muranos (No. 791628) complement the Starry Night Sky Murano charmingly. The Starry Night Sky Murano charm looks amazing as a focal point of the bracelet but this design would would equally well with two Starry Night Sky Murano charms and two Fascinating Aventurescent Murano charms.






For a lighter style, I just used the middle section on the PANDORA moments bracelet. The Galaxy Charms (No. 791388CZ) infuse a celestial feel with the Starry Night Sky Murano Charm. I chose to stack this design with a simple Essence bracelet with the Dignity (No. 796068P), Peace (No. 796002LP) and Intuition (No. 796049) charms. The blue glass of the Starry Night Sky Murano Charm matches perfectly with the blue of the Lapis Lazuli on the Peace charm.






The Starry Night Sky Murano is a truly versatile charm and works well on a PANDORA necklace as well as bracelet designs. For a heavenly look, I teamed the Starry Night Sky Murano with the Stella Star Pendant (No. 390328D) and Galaxy charms.








[qodef_blockquote text=”My verdict on the Starry Night Sky Murano? An absolute star!” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]







The PANDORA Starry Night Sky Murano Charm (N0. 791662CZ) is £35 / $50 and is available from our preferred retailer along with the rest of the PANDORA 2016 Winter Collection.


Remember to enter our competition, if you would like one of your friends to win the Heart of Winter Charm from the PANDORA 2016 Winter Collection.



Have you bought the PANDORA Starry Night Sky Charm or is it on your wishlist? What’s your favourite way to style it? Let us know in the comments below.

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