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Tropical Parrot Charm





The Tropical Parrot Pendant Charm (No. 791903ENMX) is cheerful and bright with it’s green and turquoise enamel. The two different coloured enamels make it very easy to style and mix with different charms and bracelets. Some PANDORA fans complain about the over-use of cubic zirconia on PANDORA charms but they suit the parrot perfectly.

Parrot Tropical Charm Pandora

Tropical Parrot Charm


I was really pleased with the amount of detail on the Tropical Parrot Pendant, especially compared to other PANDORA pendant charms. The 2015 Sparkling Palm Tree Pendant (No. 791540CZ) is £45 ($45/€45) and yet only has the cubic zirconia stones on one side of pendant. At £40 ($55/€45) the Tropical Parrot Pendant Charm seems good value. My favourite details of the Tropical Parrot Pendant are his little claws holding onto a branch which has two cute leaves on the end.


Tropical Parrot Charm


One of my favourite purchases from the UK PANDORA Summer Sales were two Tropical Sea Glass Muranos (No. 791610). I love how they compliment the green and turquoise of the Parrot and create a tropical holiday feel. On this styling I created symmetry to my design with the Sparkling Palm Tree Pendant (No. 791540CZ) and the Sail Away Pendant (No. 791138CZ). Worn with the Tropical Parrot my bracelet really does make me feel like sailing away to an exotic beach location!


Pandora Tropical Parrot Charm

Tropical ParrotPandora Charm
The cubic zirconia of the Tropical Parrot Pendant Charm match wonderfully with the Ocean Mosaic Pavé Ball (No. 791261MCZMX). In this styling I teamed them with the Green Petite Facet (No. 791499SGQ) on the Green Double Leather Bracelet (No. 590705CLG-D) for a simple care-free look.


Tropical Parrot Pandora Charm



The Tropical Parrot Pendant looks very elegant centred between two Openwork Lattice Charms (No. 791295CZ) on a bangle. I can imagine wearing this styling whilst dining at a beachside restaurant, drinking cocktails and watching the sunset.


Pandora Tropical Parrot Charm



For a relaxed look I styled the Tropical Parrot Pendant on the Triple Leather in Teal (No. 590714CTT-T) and in Purple (No. 590714CPE-T). These styles show how versatile the Tropical Parrot Pendant is and how it works well in a colour-match or a colour-clash design.


Pandora Tropical Parrot Charm



I already own a few different PANDORA Pendant Charms and quite often wear them simply as a pendant alone on a necklace chain. However the beautiful green and turquoise colours of the Tropical Parrot were crying out to me to be worn with a bit more style. In this styling I used two Openwork Lattice Charms (No. 791295CZ) with a Disney Jasmine Signature Colour Murano (No. 791648) in the middle. The sea green colour of the murano matches charmingly with the Tropical Parrot’s plumage.


Pandora Tropical Parrot Charm

Pandora Tropical Parrot Charm


My verdict on the Tropical Parrot Pendant Charm? He's a pretty boy!

Have you bought the Tropical Parrot Pendant Charm or is he on your wishlist? What’s your favourite way to wear him? Let us know in the comments below.


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PANDORA Tropical Parrot Pendant Charm
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  • Shital Pratap
    October 25, 2016

    Oh the parrot charm is so cute. I haven’t had the chance to grab hold of it yet, but after reading the reviews, it looks like a sure winner ??

  • Shital Pratap
    November 1, 2016

    Hi again. I was wondering if you can do a review on the Orchid charm please ?….. Thanks

  • Shital pratap
    November 2, 2016

    Thank you. Yes the orchid charm is just so cute and special… Looking forward to it. ?

  • November 2, 2016

    Beautiful pictures! I love the parrot!

    • Shital pratap
      November 2, 2016

      Hi plethora_Pandora, yes the parrot charm looks beautiful right? I really do love the detailing on the charm. ?@theartofpandora has honestly done an awesome review on it. ?

  • Jackie Oz R
    November 25, 2016

    Loving the detail in your reviews.