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It’s time to grab some bargains and we are here to help you sort through the pages of glitzy bling and focus on some future classics. Many of these pieces will be sought after collector’s items in a few years and many will beautifully complement the pieces we already have in our jewellery boxes. Feel free to make your own recommendations in the comments, or tell us of your purchases.

Top 5 UK Picks

There were items that sold out in the US and Canada that are available in the UK Sale now. We are returning them to the list, Hurry while these items last!

Pandora ME Round Clasp Medium-Link Chain Bracelet

The truly classic Pandora ME design this is becoming a collectors item now that it will retire and is totally sold out in the US and Canada Sale. Grab one while you can! It looks great on it’s own without the ME Micro dangles if that’s not your thing.

Domed Golden Heart Clasp Snake Chain Bracelet

Another Classic in the making this two tone bracelet has Old School Pandora vibes and is another one totally sold out in the US and Canada now!

Sparkling Round Openwork Charm

Exclusive to the UK Sale this pretty openwork caught our eye and is sure to be very popular!

Heart House Happy Place Charm

Another one that did not feature in the US and Canada sale but is available at a great price in the UK!

Disney Simba Charm

So cute… I NEED him! Grab this Disney favourite and add a bit of cuteness to your bracelet!

Top 5 Pandora Ring Bargains

Pandora Wrap-Around Arrow Ring

Things have gone full circle and with Valentines coming up this would be an astute buy for you men out there who want to snag a bit of a bargain as part of your Pandora surprise package for your lovely lady! The Wrap-around ring is a lovely classic design with a cute cupid theme. Also ladies, you are free to grab one of these for yourself – no judgement here.

Pandora Signature Logo Pavé & Beads Ring

Nothing give off I-Love-Pandora vibes more than this classic Signature ring. Be part of the tribe and do it in style with this lovely ring.

Sparkling Marquise Double Wishbone Ring

Another classic beauty for your ring stack, this Double Wishbone Ring is an elegant addition for your collection.

Pandora Sparkling Leaves Ring

This time Sparkling Leaves Ring is exquitie and intimate in design. Adding a bit of sparkle to your outfit will be effortless with this pretty piece.

Pandora Sparkling Ribbon and Bow Ring

Bows are a long standing motif for Pandora and this chunky statement piece is the perfect go to for Pandora fans. Add it to your collection before it is sold out forever!

Top 5 Pandora ME Bargains

Two-tone Heart Openable Link Chain Bracelet

This two-tone bracelet could be the start of your Pandora ME journey. Start of your funky new collection with this two tone beauty!

Pandora ME Styling Blessed Word Link

What better way to finish 2023 than with a ‘Blessed’ ME link, or go into 2024 with some positivity!

Pandora ME Styling Pavé Double Link

It’s great to be able to refresh your ME bracelet with a few new options and this Styling link provides another option for your ME bracelet

Pandora ME Burning Wings Medallion Charm

This is a great opportunity to get this beautiful medallion before it is gone! A perfect centre piece for you ME bracelet.

Pandora ME Pavé Paperclip Styling Link

The Paperclip styling link is a really cool addition for your ME design. Grab one of these to complete the look.

Top 5 Bracelet Bargains

Pandora Moments Two-tone Snake Chain Bracelet

With a SOLID 14k Gold Clasp this is a true Pandora Classic and is already a collectors items. At half price this is still not the most inexpensive bracelet you can add to your collection for 2024 but it will add value to your collection and for some might be a great place to start collecting those exclusive 14k solid gold charms!

Pandora Moments Disney Aladdin Princess Jasmine Bangle

Pandora x Disney items items are future classics and the beauty of this bangle is that it doesn’t look too “Micky Mouse” for those occasions when you want something more demur. The clasp is elegant and pretty in its own right and could be worn as a simple bangle without any charms in a lovely bracelet stack. Like many sale items its value will likely increase in years to come to reflect its original price and then if it becomes heard to find, even more – a good investment.

Pandora Moments Braided Leather T-bar Bracelet

This is a Pandora bargain at a bargain price point. This leather lovely would look great on your wrist without charms or further adornment for a slightly more chilled vibe.

Pandora Moments Heart & Butterfly Bangle

This is a fan favourite and according to stats we have from Pandora this bangle is selling like hot cakes! Perfect to buy in preparation for a future Spring time design or to wear on its own, this bangle is beautiful and elegant.

Disney Tinker Bell Clasp Moments Snake Chain Bracelet

This is a lovely bracelet and a beautiful claps to start a new Disney design in 2024 or to add to your collection. This is another bracelet that will eventually become a rare find once it retires and is looking like a good deal in this sale.

Pandora Sparkling Drops Tennis Bracelet

Anyone for a spot of tennis? For the charm collectors sometimes the Tennis bracelets that Pandora produce are not top of the list, but they can really complement a beautiful charm design or look amazing in a Pandora stack. With 50% off this is a great time to jump of board this fashionable look!

Top 5 Pandora Charm Bargains

Pandora 2020 Limited Edition Swirl Charm

This charm brings back happy memories of the 2020 collecting frenzy that resulted in a new charm being released every month. Most of those charms are not available again, but this Swirl charm is a classic in its own right and worth adding to your collection.

Disney Aladdin, Princess Jasmine & Genie Glow-in-the-dark Charm

Glow up with this Genie glow in the dark charm. This will put some fun and sass into your life and give off good vibes at the same time!

Treated Freshwater Cultured Pearl, Starfish & Shell Triple Dangle Charm

IT’s time to add Serious Summer Vibes to your collection and get ready for summer sunshine, sea and surfing!

Pandora Club 2022 Ladybird & Heart Dangle Charm

If you didn’t get chance to pick up the 2022 Pandora Club charm, this might be your last opportunity. These collectible editions come with a small diamond and two tone Pandora rose gold.

Pandora Thank you Charm

What a great way to end 2023 – with a Thank You charm! Why not gift this to a Pandora sister or someone else close to you. We have plenty to be thankful for and this charm says it all.

Tomorrow we will look at Pandora necklace sale items in detail!

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