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The Chinese New Year charms are sought after by many PANDORA fans. We have a sneak peak of the 2017 Chinese New Year Charm for you.


The Chinese New Year for 2017 will be Saturday 28th January on the Gregorian Calendar. Chinese New Year is celebrated throughout the world and the new PANDORA Chinese New Year charm for 2017 is influenced by the celebrations.



In traditional Chinese culture, the lion was only an animal which existed in myth, and there were no actual lions in China. Before the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD), only a few lions had reached the Central Plains from the western area of ancient China (now Xinjiang), due to trade on the Silk Road.




At that time, people mimicked the appearance and actions of the newly arrived lions in a performance, which developed into the lion dance in the Three Kingdoms Period (220–280) and then became popular with the rise of Buddhism in the Northern and Southern Dynasties (420–589). In the Tang Dynasty (618–907), the lion dance was one of the court dances.




Since then lion dances have continued to become a popular performance among the people, to pray for good luck during the Spring Festival or during other celebrations. The lion dance is an excellent example of Chinese folk culture, which has spread across the world with Chinese immigration. Chinese people living overseas in Europe and America have established many lion dance clubs which perform on Chinese festivals like Chinese New Year.

The lions costume is normally in Chinese New Year colors: red, gold, and green. Lion dances imitate a lion’s various movements or demonstrate martial arts agility and are accompanied by the music of beating drums, clashing cymbals, and resounding gongs.
The new PANDORA Chinese New Year 2017 Dancing Lion Charm is really very striking and you can almost hear and feel the celebrations of the Lion Dance when you look at it! Of course the PANDORA Dancing Lion Charm will be available in Asia and Australia. The Chinese New Year 2016 Piggy Charm was also available in the UK so hopefully the PANDORA Chinese New Year 2017 Dancing Lion Charm will also be available in the UK.
Do you celebrate Chinese New Year? Do you collect the Chinese New Year Charms? What charm would you like PANDORA to make for Chinese New Year? Let us know in the comments below.


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