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With up to 50% off items on we look at some of the best buys to be had for charms collectors.

As we go into my second year as a Stackers Ambassador I am happy to share some top products.

There is so many lovey items on

I have the code that you can use on but with the sale going on I expect it won’t give you an additional discount.

Use the code: dora10sa on for a 10% discount.

Ten great products for charm collectors (some in the sale)

1) Show and Tell

Blush Classic 6 Charm Bracelet Layer & Display Lid. This was developed by charms fans in consultation with Stackers. What the fans wanted was a way to show off their completed charm bracelets, to preserve them as they are, to protect them but with the possibility that they can be viewed and admired. This bracelet layer achieves that. I don’t have this layer since I don’t actually collect Pandora like this but I know many of you do.

2) The Instagram fave

Taupe Charm Box. This is a popular option for fans of the social media platform Instagram as the square shape of the box is evocative of the square little photos that the app displays.

3) The 50% off best deal

Black/Fuchsia Classic Jewellery Box Lid. If you like the high contrast pink and black of this jewellery box then you can pick up a bargain.

4) 25% off this lovely box

Duck Egg Classic Jewellery Box. There are a lot of options in the Duck Egg range that are in the 25% sale. This full set is a lovely starter set.

5) This beauty is on sale

Blush Deep Watch Travel Jewellery Box. You can get 25% off this lovely travel box.

6) Small Cute and Pink

Soft Pink Mini Jewellery Box. This cute little pink number is also 25% off in the sale.

7) The ultimate collectors box

Taupe Classic Charm Collectors Jewellery Box. Available at the moment with 20% off this is a beautiful collection of three layers, the lid can be purchased separately as can the charm bar layer, and the 6 bracelet display layer.

8) The Luxe option

Orchid White Leather Jewellery Box Gift. This is luxury option with the beautiful leather exterior.

9) The Peak of fashion

Blush Pink Cone Jewellery Peak. This is actually more than 50% off. At only £7.50 this is nice little bedside table bracelet holder.

10) 70% off these lovelies

Blush Accessory 6 Piece Gift Set. This comes from deep within the site in their outlet section. I have the key fob and it is lovely for photos.

Have a look look at the site to see if you can find a new layer for your current box or find something new.

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