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Stackers Wrap Around Make Up Bag

Stackers Wrap Around Make Up Bag

Can Stackers achieve the impossible and organise my messy makeup?

Stackers v Messy Makeup

If a tidy home equals a tidy mind, what does a tidy makeup bag mean? Thanks to Stackers I now have the chance to find out!

I have been a huge fan of Stackers ever since I purchased my Classic Stackers Jewellery Box. My Pandora treasures are now safely stored and beautifully organised. Unfortunately my makeup has not received the same treatment. So I was delighted when Stackers gifted me their new gorgeous Wrap Around Makeup Bag in blush vegan leather.

In the essence of full disclosure I photographed my makeup storage prior to using the Stackers Wrap Around Makeup Bag. Cosmetics would continually spill out of overfilled bags, resulting in a sparkly, shimmering mess! Although the makeup bags were small it was still hard to locate little items such as tweezers or nail scissors. My normal approach was to growl before emptying the entire bag on my bed!

Thankfully Stackers came to my rescue like an organising superhero! Now each cream, powder and brush is easy to locate inside the roomy Stackers Wrap Around Makeup Bag. Available in a choice of Navy Croc, Blush and Taupe, the makeup bag is as pretty as it is practical.

My old makeup storage was so ugly it was hidden away in a drawer. However the Stackers Wrap Around Makeup Bag looks so chic it has claimed a place on my dressing table! Rose gold coloured details look elegant against the blush leather and it compliments my pink Jewellery Peak.

My favourite part of the Stackers Makeup Bag is the wrap around section. The small zipped pouch is perfect for my tweezers which used to continually get lost in my old bag.

Finally my makeup brushes have their perfect home in the compartments on the Wrap Around Makeup Bag. The material can be wiped clean and the pouch provides a protective layer over the brushes.

Result: Stackers v Messy Makeup

It is a clear victory for Stackers and their amazing Wrap Around Makeup Bag! My makeup has never looked so good and I have already said goodbye to my old assortment of little bags and tins. Plus with so much space inside the Stackers Makeup Bag, I can treat myself to some new makeup!

The fantastic Stackers Wrap Around Makeup Bag is £55 at Stackers.com. Plus, remember to use code ‘dora10sa’ to receive a 10% discount!

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I keep mine in an old cardboard box roll


I love my Stackers jewellery boxes. This new makeup bag looks so beautiful. Its such a great idea having a storage place for not only the makeup, but also brushes and other little things like tweezers.



Hi Sarah,

Yes and other things like nail scissors. My husband always got frustrated looking for them in my old bag as everything was such a jumble.

Have a great day,