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I want to start by thanking everyone for the comments in the sections below. It really helps to bring vibrancy to this Pandora community!

For a long time I have wanted to find a way to give something back to other members of the Pandora Community via the comments section.

I am aware that some people run their own blogs and want to link back to it, I am happy for them to do that and even have a relevant links section for other Pandora or charm related blogs. I know also that some have thriving Instagram accounts or YouTube vlogs, some are in Facebook groups and communities.

I am finally piecing together a way for you to log in from (and hopefully link back to) some of these accounts.

Recognition and reward

Just for fun, I have set up a five stage reward system based on the thumbs up ranking. More comments, more thumbs up, more points equals a higher ranking.

Silver Lady

Rose Countess

Shine Duchess

Two-tone Princess

Gold Queen

The idea is that this will give us all more of a sense of place in the community. We have some commenters with the same or similar names so if we are able to have profile pictures and links to our accounts that will help. We will also start to recognise and remember each other from different platforms.

Login via social media

When you come to write a comment you can login via Facebook, Instagram, Google or Disqus, I am looking to add Twitter shortly. Use the account you wish to be identified with here since it will likely pull profile photos from that account.

Instagram login is in development phase at the moment, but I can add you into that development manually. Contact me in the comments below and I will help you out with that (I have you add your account in my IG settings and you have to accept in yours).

A note on privacy

This is not designed to harvest your particulars and send you unwanted emails. You are still welcome to use a nickname, put a photo of a flower and log in using any email that you set up (as long as it is the same one every time).

Most of you have other blogs and social media accounts that you visit. With this, we have an opportunity to tie it together.

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