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The Art of Pandora Awards 2023

Welcome to the 2023 Art of Pandora Awards, our look back on some of the best Pandora Charms and other pieces of jewellery that excited us in 2023. An expert panel of Pandora ladies have poured endlessly over Catalogs, Previews on this website and looked tirelessly at their collections to bring us this definitive guide. Please let us know in the comments some of your favourites from this year.

Winner: Game of Thrones

From Westeros to our wrists, fingers and necks this beautiful enough to bejewel the House of Stark. This lovely collection has some beautiful pieces that could be used creatively even if you are not a fan of the show.

Winner: Pandora Moments Studded Chain Bracelet

This beautiful new design and texture of the finish of the bracelet was a firm favourite when we surveyed Pandora lovers for this end of year review. Definitely the stand out bracelet of the year, and if it is something that you missed really worth looking at for your next bracelet design.

Disney Pixar Monsters Inc Bracelet Set

The official surprise would have been the additional Disney 100 charm that Pandora released in the form of the Pooh charm that didn’t have a space in the Disney 100 jewellery box. However, many of you were delighted and surprised by the Pixar Monster’s Inc release.

Winner: Sparkling Levelled Heart Charm

The first big collection of 2024 will be Valentines and some other exciting pieces but this classic from 2023 will still be a strong contender for Valentines gifts for your better half. It is also a timeless piece that could be worn on one of your other bracelets including a hearts themes bracelet.

Winner: Splittable Mother & Daughter Dangle Charm

What if you could hang one charm by two different bales on two different charms? Then you could give one you your mother or daughter and each keep one half of a love charm! Genius!!! This is a simple idea but beautifully put into practise with a simple yet elegant charm for two people and it doesn’t have to be mother and daughter but that is one strong option.

Murano Glass Cute Octopus Dangle Charm

Octopi are fascinating creatures, I was looking for interesting Octopus facts and there are do many interesting things that I couldn’t pick just one to share. This is a lovely Summer dangle charm and very innovative. Pandora have had so many lovely Summer charms using Murano glass over the last few years and this is another beauty to add to your bracelet.

Pandora ME Metal Bead & Link Chain Bracelet

Pandora ME took the world by storm a few years back with its funky upbeat styling. Aimed predominantly at Gen Z the Pandora designers came up with fresh new ideas that work well in the jewellery collections of people of all ages. This bold link chain bracelet is no exception and can be worn simply on its own or with the ME micro dangles.

Opalescent Snowman Dangle Charm (792981C01)

This snowman captured many peoples hearts and reminds us of Raymond Briggs book at popular TV adaptation The Snowman and the lovely song Walking in the Air. An amazing addition for any Winter or Christmas bracelet.

Game of Thrones Ice & Fire Dragons Dual Murano Glass Charm (792966C00)

Game of Thrones is a TV snow watched by millions and has brought a new tribe of fans to Pandora. Conversely the inventive jewellery range and piqued the interest of Pandora fans who are not big fans of the show. This split colour Murano is a great example of a lovely Murano that would look beautiful on any bracelet design.

Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Charms Set

So our panel of voters couldn’t decide between the amazing Disney pieces that came out in 2023 and within that rather large bracket we narrowed it down to this one set that game with a lovely exclusive jewellery box in the US. Which one of the set is your fave?

Disney Frozen Parks Exclusive (790061CO1)

Pandora Parks charms can be a frustration as they are difficult to come by and we sometimes resort to having Park going friends hook us up with the latest charms. This Frozen number is a beautiful on bracelet design with lovely colouring that we hope to be able to get our hands on soon.

Sparkling Blue Herbarium Cluster Pendant Necklace (392387C02-45)

Many Pandora fans yearn for the Classic Pandora era circa 2010-2014 but we are always on the lookout for future classics. The Herbarium set of jewellery that was released fall into the future classics category with their elegant, simple and timeless designs.

Disney 100 Collector’s Set

No contest for this nomination. The Disney 100 range was pure perfection and with each one having a small diamond a real treat in 2023 and kept Pandora and Disney fans on tenter hooks all year with the special surprise of Winnie Pooh as an additional charm at the end.

Rolo Chain Necklace

The Roll chain necklace is an understated choice for this nomination but it offers Pandora fans so much. You can use it to hang your Pandora Moments pendant charms making it a lovely way to showcase your collection.

Celestial Sun and Moon Ringset

Taylor Swift fans were excited and intrigued to notice that the new Pandora rings that were released in Spring happened to fit the lyrics to the song: ‘He was sunshine, I was midnight rain.’ and these rings sold out instantly. They are back in stock (in most ring sizes) and beyond Taylor Swift make a lovely ring set in their own right. In Italy and other countries they do not sell them as a set so you will need to buy individually.

Thank you for reading the 2023 Art of Pandora Awards. Please feel free to let us know your own Pandora and personal highlights of the year in the comments.

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