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Good morning and welcome to the second Morning Report from, our semi-regular blog update and chance for you to ask questions in the comments beyond the topics of some of the other posts.

We want to thank some of the contributors of recent featured articles including the Hong Kong Disneyland trip report and the article about coping with lockdown by collecting charms. If you would like to write a small column for this blog please let me know. I get offers from people who want to pay to post content on this blog every week and I am trying to resist that as we want to keep the topics Pandora based and genuine!

Later in the week we hope to have the preview of Pre-Autumn, a very nice but small collection, that will be arriving before the main Autumn collection later. Sorry I cannot answer questions that you may have about either collection but both are very exciting and you are going to love them.

Recently we have allowed early access to those that have contributed a cup of coffee to the blog. I will not be doing that this time. I want to offer those that I follow on Instagram the first chance and the mailing list a bit later on. If you run a facebook group please let me know and I will give your Facebook groups early access. I prefer to give Facebook groups access than one of their number screen grab all of the photos and post them in their group.

As you will see from the front page of the blog I have made some progress in getting the menus how I would like them. I am adding links to in different countries and if you live in those countries you can help the blog by clicking on them before ordering. I get a small percentage which helps run the blog, which in turn means I do not have to put ugly adverts to other things to run the blog as we are likely spending money with Pandora anyway 😀

I hope you all have a great week!


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