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The Morning Report #3

Hi Pandora sisters,

It has been a while since our last morning report. How has everyone been? How has your summer been? How are you enjoying the new not-quite normal? I know we have readers in different parts of the world and we will be publishing a Journalling report from Lina in Australia later today where they have had some of the longest lockdowns of the Pandemic.

Lina was telling me that she had been taking a break from social media and her Pandora accounts for the last few months. I wonder how many of us have been doing that? It seems like a lot of us have had screen fatigue. I. have been a bit like that with The Art of Pandora blog and it’s various social media channels over the last few months but I am aiming to make a comeback!

I would be interested in hearing your experiences regarding the pandemic and how it has affected your Pandora purchasing habits recently. For me, it seems like I didn’t buy anything from the Summer Collection because I had nearly all of it from the online only release of 2020. Also, I didn’t get onto Autumn as quickly as I had hoped because I had other things going on and am still playing catch up. I want to do a quick poll to see how your Pandora habits have been affected by the pandemic.

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Thank you for helping me with that. The poll doesn’t take any of your details so it is completely anonymous.

A busy week ahead

As you will be aware the Pandora ME relaunch is happening this week and I am hoping to be able to get my hands on it a few days early. As was pointed out by one reader the majority of the subscribers to this blog are likely be be above the demographic that this ME collection is being marketed to. However, the response from most readers of this blog as well as comments on my social media platforms has been overwhelmingly positive. I had the original ME collection, and you can read my review of it here, and am very excited about the relaunch!

I have also been inspired by the Pandora ME collection to finally start a TikTok account and I posted my first video. I am hoping to be able to post videos of the new ME charms on TikTok as soon as I get them in. The short form format of TikTok seems fun although I am not someone who has had anything to do with TikTok up to now,so it’s going to be an interesting learning experience.

I mentioned Lina earlier in this post and we will have one of her lovely Journalling posts later today, if you missed her first journaling post you can read it here. We are also looking forward to a Wear It With Pandora post from Anika this week as well as the return of Collectors Corner with Emily from @fashionstoryteller.

Also, this week I am hoping to publish a Dora’s Box video on youtube with the unboxing of that collection and my first impressions.

As always I appreciate the support and comments of this wonderful community. I hope you all have a great week.


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