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The Morning Report #4

Hello Pandora sisters,

It’s been a little while since our last Morning Report and I have been M.I.A. for some weeks as well. Unfortunately, it was not a planned blog vacation. I had my laptop stolen along with a few other items. Although the monetary value was quite high, the biggest disappointment was the loss of all my Pandora blog data that was on the laptop. This also included the information and images for the next upcoming Pandora collections.

Thankfully my loved ones and myself are all safe and were not harmed during the robbery. However it did cause some mental and emotional disturbance. After taking a break and purchasing a new laptop I am ready to pick up the pieces and start a fresh. Please patient for any delays in Pandora news and previews.

Goals for 2022

In more happier news, you may recall that one of my goals for this year was to complete a half marathon. I am proud to inform you that I achieved my goal on Sunday with the time of 2 hrs and 23 minutes. Now I may not be qualifying for the Olympics anytime soon (Paula Radcliffe ran a full marathon in 2:15:25!) but meeting my personal goal has given me a new found appreciation of my body and what it can achieve.

Now that I have accomplished my goal of running a half marathon I have decided to run a full marathon! That is a whooping 26.2 miles (42.195 km)! The marathon is orgnaised by the London charity Street Child and will be held in Makeni, Sierra Leone on Sunday 5th June. Both my husband and I have registered for the event and are ready to run in behalf of our Pandora sisters across the globe.

App Update

While I have had a bit of enforced time away from the blog I have been able to think about what I want to do with theartofpandora App that I announced was in development earlier this year. At the time I was using a developer who in end turned out to be a bit of a disappointment. However I learnt a lot about App development during the process and conducted research into what might be possible for theartofpandora App. Since then I have found a great App developer called Amelia who seems very skilled and intelligent. Currently I am working with her and forming an agreement on the specifications for theartofpandora App. A few of you expressed concern that the App was just being developed for Apple iOS. We have taken that into consideration and will be developing both an Apple iOS and an Android version at the same time.

Once the App is complete I will write a blog post on the creative process with Amelia as she seems very talented. It is great to see more women working in roles that previously have been very male dominated and I am happy to support them.

Thank you for all your support, sending you lots of love,


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