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Hi Pandora sisters,

I should add Pandora brothers to the list of greetings as well as we are kicking of the launch of our new site with an article from Javier Ignacio with the title: Can Men wear Pandora? Spoiler alert: the way Javier wears it they definitely can!

So welcome to the first of my Morning Reports, unlike Zazu from Lion King these reports will not be a daily occurrence, but a semi regular update of things regarding blog and what we can expect. It will also be nice to have some reader input into which previews you would like. I am currently way behind on things that need reviewing so we may do a poll very shortly.

So in this first Morning Report, I have to mention our newly designed website and logo. I have been tinkering around behind the scenes and this is what we have now. The blog has evolved over the years and so has the way people consume content. About 80-90% of you read the blog on mobile or cell phones and the new design hopes to be a mobile first, responsive design that looks great and is easy to get to the content that you want. There is still a bit of work to do, and I am sure we will grow into the new design together.

Secondly, and really more importantly going forward, is the introduction of contributed content from readers. I am very grateful to those who have contributed content for the launch of the new look website and those who are working on ideas currently for publication soon. There has been some incredible contributions of written work and amazing photography as well, I have been very impressed by these talented Pandora collectors. If you haven’t read Lina’s piece on Journaling then you need to get on it!

Lastly, a hint of what is coming this week. There is news of Summer sales starting in different parts of the world and I am looking forward to the start of the UK sale this week. I have done some sale picks based on the offerings in Australia and would love to hear what purchases you plan to make..

Have a great week everyone,



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