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The Pandora Blog in 2023

Sorry for the interruption in keeping up with all things Pandora and supplying you with up to date info on a topic that I know all of you love.

As most of you know Dora passed away in 2022 leaving this website and her considerable Pandora collection to me. My intention is to keep updating the blog with previews, news and reviews. Since I was able to do the Winter Preview in October I have been quite busy with other work and not really had the headspace for and its various other social media. Likely, things will get back to a better routine for me in February.

Lina, who has her own Pandora Shark channels, has been very helpful and I hope that I can continue to work with her in 2023.

Thank you all as well for the DMs and messages on the blog. I know that this blog is a resource and part of a community that you enjoy. In all honesty I really enjoyed working with Dora on this blog over the years and have happy memories of it all, having said that taking some time away from it has been good for my mental health and given me some time to reflect on things.

I hope you can be patient with us all as we try to get back online. I will take some time in the coming months to figure out how to maintain this blog. I know a lot of you have offered assistance and I will think about those options and see what is the best way forward.

I hope to be able to able to post a preview of the next collection soon, and I am aware that I missed a drop early in the year, sorry about that. I became aware of it but was quite busy.

I think that most of you are aware that ‘Dora’ was not her real name. Similarly I am thinking of taking on a psyudonym or nom de plume, I would appreciate suggestions.

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