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Discover what lessons we learned from the April Pandora Anniversary #pandora20 release…

Limited Edition Pandora 20th Anniversary Heart Charm

Last month Pandora released the fourth of their special 20th Anniversary Charms. With stores closed and the charm only available online, what did we learn?

1. The appetite is still there

For April’s heart charm I didn’t do a live blog. With so many people impacted by Coronavirus I wanted to be a bit sensitive to people’s situation. I had discussed with a few Pandora collectors online and some felt that there would not be a demand for the Charm since people may have been suffering financially.

I know that I can’t speak for everyone but the demand was certainly there. There are still some of the heart charms still available in Canada which does seem a bit unusual, but it sold out very quickly in most markets.

2. People are trying online shopping for the first time.

In some cases people are buying Pandora for the first time online rather than going to the store (since it is closed), in other cases people are buying things online for the first time! Congregations to those of you who have entered this brave new world. I have to tell you that normally the postage times are better than this, and you can even get things delivered next day. Sometimes Pandora offer free standard postage, but even if they don’t the cost of fuel, parking and that sneaky coffee and cake add up (in more ways than one with the cake!). I would be interested to know if you are buying online when you normally go into the store?

3. Store closure has been a blessing

I am talking with regard to the Pandora 20 charms that buying these exclusive charms, in most markets, has been a much better proposition.

I have mentioned it before but in store sales of the Pandora 20 charm has sometimes been difficult. One reader of this blog commented that she was second in line before store opening and went in to collect her charm only to find that the manager had reserved the charms for special customers. I also heard of one store selling Februarys charm in January.

4. Less charms being hawked on eBay

Now, this could be linked to the anticipated appetite for the April charm but I have to believe that it is much more likely to be linked to them not being available in store. In previous months eBay already had auctions up before charms had gone online in that country. It is a good thing that we can buy them direct from Pandora, especially since there seems to be evidence of fake Pandora 20 charms online.

5. The USA online sales went well

As far I am aware the charm went online at the specified time in both the US and Canada and there was a good amount available. They seemed to come back into stock later the same day until they were all sold out. There is still stock in Canada.

I now believe that the issue in previous months was likely an issue of stock. The link from this website was correct in previous months but the availability was not there, and the site struggled to handle large numbers of people who were looking for a product that was not there.

In April the links on this site worked well for US and Canada and people were able to go direct to the page and buy the charm quickly.

6. Netherlands had a problem online

At the specified time the Netherlands website seemed to be sold out already. Maybe it was an issue of stock, but previously friends had related that it was relatively simple to buy online and they had not sold out quickly but in April that was not the case.

7. The links on this blog worked well

I mention this again because I get a large number of people sending DMs and commenting that they can’t find the page with the charm. I also get a good number of people who message me to say the link works well and goes direct to the charm.

8. The UK Pandora online store is punctual

Long may this continue. At 10am sharp you click the link and the page that wasn’t there moments earlier appears. The UK Pandora site has been exemplary since January, either will it’s original 12am listing or now with 10am. Well done!

9. Apple pay is superb

I made this suggestion a few months back but didn’t try it until April. I made sure all my details were set up correctly before hand and was checked out by 10:01. Previously it had taken many minutes to add the address and card details, this was seamless and a brave new world of my own.

10. A Limerick

There was a young lady called Dora,
She’s a big fan of Irish Flora,
When the clock strikes ten,
She’ll be there again,
You would do well not to ignore her!

The live blog will return on the 19th of May at 8:30pm UK time. I will be revealing the May charm and additional press release details during the course of the live blog.

Everyone is excited about the May charm and some fans may even know what it is. However please keep the information to yourself and don’t share it on this site. Thank you x

How is your Pandora 20 collection going? Did you buy online for the first time recently? How did you find the experience. Please feel free to share your experiences in the comments below…

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