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It’s not long now until the PANDORA Winter Collection 2016 will be released on 3rd November. Some stores already have the Winter Collection in stock and in this post we will look at a few live shots.


A previous post, The Winter Collection, contains the complete PANDORA Winter Collection with stock images. It is always nice to see real life shots to be able to compare the size and colour of charms. For me personally, the live shots are often what convince me to add certain charms to my wishlist and provide me with inspiration on how I would wear them. Below are a few live shots from the PANDORA 2016 Winter Collection.


Pandora winter collection 2016


From left to right we have the: ‘Me & You Forever Pendant Charm’ (No. 791979CZ) from the Autumn Collection, the ‘Snowflake Heart Pendant Charm’ (No. 792012cz) from the Winter Collection and the back of the ‘Vintage Night Sky Pendant Charm’ (No. 791993cz) from the Winter Collection. I really like the sentiment behind each of these pendant charms. They would work well on a necklace as well as a bracelet. A perfect gift for a loved one. Photo credit: PANDORA Trumbull.





The 14k gold ‘Angel of Grace’ charm (No. 750999) from the Winter Collection would make a fantastic centrepiece for your bracelet. I love the heart at the front of the Angel as well as the design of the clothes. Photo credit: PANDORA Westfarms.





Many PANDORA fans are excited about the ‘Starry Might Sky Murano’ (No.  791662cz) from the Winter Collection. It is the perfect mix of shimmering blue with lovely white stars. The cubic zirconia add a nice sparkle.  I really like this murano and I think they would work well the Stardust muranos.  As navy blue is a classic colour and looks good with lots of outfits you could wear this charm all year round, not just at winter.

In the center of the bracelet we can see the front of the ‘Vintage Night Sky Pendant Charm’ (No.  791993cz) from the Winter Collection. The blue enamel on the pendant makes me think of star gazing on a clear night. It really is very beautiful. Next to the murano we can see the ‘Vintage Night Sky Charm’ (No. 791992cz) from the winter collection. Although I’m not a big fan of the button style charms I really like this one. I especially like the little cut out stars around the side of the charm. Photo credit:





On this rather colourful design we are able to see the ‘Snowman’ (No. 792001cz), ‘Santa’s Home’ (No. 792003enmx)! ‘Blue Adornment’ (No. 791991en118) and the ‘Red Adornment (No. 791991en07) all from the Winter Collection. I think the Blue and Red Adornment charms could make a fun addition to a country themed bracelet as well as a seasonal bracelet. They would be perfect for American or British PANDORA fans. Photo credit:





This a lovely star themed design, Either side of the ‘Vintage Night Sky Pendant Charm’ is the ‘Entwined/Galaxy Spacer’ (No. 791994cz). This is one of my favourites from the Winter Collection and I think they would go really well with the Galaxy charms. Again we can see the Blue Adornment Charm which works well in this blue and silver theme. Photo credit: PANDORA Trumbull.


590533cz-entwined Winter collection


The ‘Entwined Bangle‘ (No. 590533cz) is really quite lovely. It looks great worn alone as well as stacked with other bangles or bracelets. Photo credit: PANDORA Trumbull.




In this gorgeous gold bangle we have the Angel of Grace looking stunning at the center. The 14k Gold ‘Loving Bloom’ Charms (No. 750598cz) loak beautiful either side. I love the intricate circle shapes of the Loving Bloom Charm and the cubic zirconia in the center is just enough sparkle! Photo credit: PANDORA Trumbull.



What charm are you looking forward to seeing from the winter collection? What has made it to your wishlist? Please let us know in the comments below.



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